An issue that once again raises the stakes of Mullein's task, and also expands upon the already massive lore behind this series.

Review: Reformatting Your Consciousness In FAR SECTOR #7

Writer N.K. Jemisin and artist Jamal Campbell return to the City Enduring with the 7th issue of their outstanding comic series, Far Sector. While every issue has brought along a massive change for Sojourner Mullein’s tenure on The City Enduring, this one dives deep into the world of cyberpunk and expands upon the already considerable lore and backstory for this Green Lantern elseworlds tale. With once again unbelievably brilliant visual work from Campbell and solid lettering from Deron Bennett, this is yet another stellar chapter in this surprise hit from DC’s Young Animal line.

“On today’s agenda: a giant mech fight, transforming her consciousness into digital information, and a high-speed pursuit through an alien computer network. All with six minutes of power left. But it’s all in a day’s work for Green Lantern Jo Mullein as she comes closer to unraveling the greatest conspiracy the Green Lantern Corps has ever seen.”

Writing & Plot

Writer N.K. Jemisin once again packs mountains of story and plot development within a 22-page comic issue in Far Sector #7, and she makes it look effortless. This issue opens with a moment of tragedy, but then uses the momentum of that loss to reel in more of Jo’s backstory, the capabilities and origin of her special Green Lantern, introduces a new race living on The City Enduring, and makes points about their impoverished struggle, and all of this reads with a compelling grace seldom seen in this or any medium. Jemisin’s experience as an accomplished novelist is most obvious in her penchant for world and character building, as both of these elements are continuously fleshed out in new ways from issue to issue. The history, politics, and social structure of The City Enduring are firmly implanted by into the consciousness of the reader by this point in the series, which is why Jemisin decides to add a new race with specific class issues (on top of the fact that their actual origin is really cool). Her understanding of the comics medium is displayed by her ability to let the visual storytelling do its work. There are plenty of silent panels or smart cuts to-and-from scenes that demonstrate that she knows how this medium should function. The mix of poignant socio-political talk, taste for action, and sense of clever (if not sometimes a little dated) humor make Jemisin a comics writer with a wide range of talents and makes Far Sector a unique joy with every issue.


Art Direction

I’ve used every review of prior Far Sector issues to praise Jamal Campbell‘s incredible artwork, and I’m here to do it again for issue #7. Campbell’s stylized digital pencils and colors are consistently some of the most awe-inspiring visuals seen in comics of this or any era. The massive space-operatic scenery of The City Enduring and its million of denizens, and all of their spacecraft and architecture, is drawn with immaculate detail and clarity. This comic has the quality of those incredible concept rendering of an often-canceled sci-fi film but made into a sequential story. Character animations are stunning and filled with a vibrancy to make them easy to connect to. The action sequences pack a beautiful punch and are smoothly choreographed. He’s given plenty of room to work and direct via Jemisin’s scripts, and he does so with a penchant for knowing where to focus the reader’s attention despite so much happening on each page. Jamal Campbell’s unmistakable visual style is a massive chunk of what makes Far Sector so special and is worth the read on his art alone.

Far Sector #7 is a stellar addition that capitalizes on what has made this comic series such a thrill to read thus far. N.K. Jemisin’s script continues to build on the lore of The City Enduring and Jo Mullein herself, while also adding socio-political intricacies and character-building that never feels overstuffed or out of place. Jamal Campbell’s absolutely incredible visual work shines bright on every page, whether the scene be an emerald-clad brawl or a quiet conversation at a virtual diner. This issue is yet another successful chapter in the comic’s narrative, and I look forward to seeing where it heads next. Be sure to grab the latest copy of Far Sector from your local comic shop on 8/4!

Justin Munday
Justin Munday
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An issue that once again raises the stakes of Mullein's task, and also expands upon the already massive lore behind this series.Review: Reformatting Your Consciousness In FAR SECTOR #7