With Lightspeed serving as the reader's guide through this issue, the Power Pack show that even when things get rough, their prior experience pulls them through.

Review: POWER PACK #3: At Their Best Even When Reaching Lows

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Power Pack #3 from Marvel Comics publishes on February 10 with a special focus on Lightspeed. Ryan North writes this character with a lot of introspection on how a superhero should act. Artist Nico Leon and colorist Rachelle Rosenberg keep up the cartoony style, even as things get serious. Letterer Travis Lanham also makes sure that the more serious moods still intersect with the lighter touches.


Continuing on from the last issues, the Power Pack find a mentor in Agent Aether to get Outlawed antagonists CRADLE off their backs. In doing so, they apply their powers to a science project, meant to help people. But what if the pack’s new mentor has ulterior motives?

Power Pack #3: Still All-Ages

Power Pack #3 Family DynamicPower Pack #3 takes Julie/Lightspeed’s perspective, as readers look at the sibling’s family dynamic. Julie often tries to act as the Pack’s voice of reason when they get into their minor quarrels. If anybody has relatives that drive each other crazy, wanting to calm everybody down is relatable. North takes this a step further by showcasing how Lightspeed thinks on her feet in battle against Taskmaster. Thanks to Julie’s experience outside of the Pack, she knows how to goad powerful fighters like Taskmaster, to her and the Pack’s advantage. It’s always good to see heroes work with what they’ve got when they’re at a disadvantage.

The Best Things In Magenta

Leon’s art keeps the light cartoony flow going in Power Pack #3. The fight with Taskmaster might be life threatening, but Leon still manages to keep things light. A bullet, aimed at the Pack, almost hits them. But then they have cartoonish fall to safety, thanks to Zero-G. And right after, we see the Pack’s funny reaction. They’re complaining, kind of like a Jackie Chan action-comedy scene.

A lot of magenta going into everything.Rosenberg includes a lot of magenta in this issue with its focus on Lightspeed (it’s the color of her costume). Whether it’s the lights, mental images of her girlfriend, or the background, it serves as a way to tell the reader that Julie pulls the most weight in this issue. This extends to the captions from Lanham who uses them in juxtaposition with Lightspeed’s mood. When she’s going in for an attack, she screams out her frustrations. It’s nice to see that while Lightspeed does have experience, she is still young and has quirks that make her more relatable.

Check Back In On Power Pack #3

One of Power Pack‘s main strengths is how each family member gets a voice. Lightspeed is taking center stage on all fronts in Power Pack #3. Julie shows off her ability to keep everybody on target. Not only does her experience allow her to take advantage of the situation, but despite this she still has more to offer than heroism. Now fans have more to look forward to when it comes to the rest of the Pack.

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