An action-packed finale to the clash between Spider-Man and Morlun.

Review: PETER PARKER: THE SPECTACULAR SPIDER-MAN #313 – Peter’s Dance With Morlun

If you’ve been following the events of Spider-Geddon, you’re aware Morlun of the Inheritors escaped from his prison and tracked down Peter Parker to exact revenge. PETER PARKER: THE SPECTACULAR SPIDER-MAN #313 gives us a conclusion to this tie-in that shows us why Peter and Morlun are an awesome match-up.


peter v morlun


Sean Ryan’s story takes us to Central Park Zoo, where both Peter and Morlun have landed after fighting a bloody battle for the previous two issues. The scene is tense with each combatant’s anger at the other: Morlun pulses with rage at the spider totem that has escaped his grasp so many times, and Peter is maddened by the fact Morlun has continued to wreak havoc after being imprisoned.


The issue gives us a surprising new update to Peter’s wardrobe, styling him as a quasi-ninja with a mask covering only the lower half of his face. But the biggest surprise is the rifle locked and ready in his hands. Granted, we can see that his ammo belt is full of tranquilizer darts, but the sheer fact of seeing Spider-Man holding a gun is enough to immediately grab anyone’s attention.

There were also some pieces of the story that did seem a bit out of place at times. At one point during the fight, J. Jonah Jameson attempts to assist Peter in the fight with the help of the NYPD, which awkwardly distracts Peter and requires him to explain why they must flee.

One of the most engaging parts of the story lies in Peter’s continual dialogue with Morlun. He’s able to poke fun at Morlun’s obsession with him while retaining the seriousness of the battle.

morlun obsessed with peter


Jeff Dekal’s cover art serves as an homage to classic iterations of Spider-Man’s suit, adding to the nostalgic factor of so much of Marvel’s current stories.

The artwork within this issue is a marvel to behold. Jason Keith’s colors of Peter’s suit stand out brightly across each page, and the paleness of Morlun’s skin serves as a clear contrast to the green hues of the park around him. We also get to see Juan Frigeri’s beautifully sketched action scenes, contrasting the graceful fighting style of Peter with the rough-and-tumble style of Morlun. Getting to see Peter’s eyes and hair change in each scene also adds a sense of realism to such a fantastical fight.

peter kicking morlun and bear

Travis Lanham’s lettering throughout the issue was placed nicely and made a clear differentiation between each character’s piece of dialogue.


I love how this issue gets straight to the point. The grittiness it adds to Peter is balanced with his witty banter, even if it seems slightly out-of-place at times. It’s exciting to see Peter gain the upper hand in such a graceful way after a long history of setbacks with Morlun.

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An action-packed finale to the clash between Spider-Man and Morlun.Review: PETER PARKER: THE SPECTACULAR SPIDER-MAN #313 - Peter's Dance With Morlun