Top-notch art keeps the comedy remains on point.

Review: Pet Decepticons In MY LITTLE PONY/TRANSFORMERS #3

My Little Pony/Transformers #3 out this week from IDW Publishing keeps up the charming nature of this unexpected crossover. The issue has Fluttershy meet Soundwave as Rainbow Dash races Windblade. All thanks to James Asmus (writer), Sam Maggs (writer), Jack Lawrence (pencils and inks), Priscilla Tramontano (pencils and inks), Luis Antonio Delgado (colors), Jake M. Wood (lettering), and Neil Uyetake (lettering).


When Fluttershy and Discord’s tea time is interrupted by Soundwave, it’s robot logic vs. whimsical chaos! And Rainbow Dash, sure that she can fly faster than any Autobot can drive, finds herself in a race with the one and only Windblade.

My Little Pony/Transformers



“Pet Sounds” by James Asmus has Soundwave meetup with Fluttershy. The results are amusing as Fluttershy thinks to Ravage and the rest of the cassette robots are Soundwave’s pets. Seeing Rumble get annoyed at the kindness is hilarious and in keeping with the humor Asmus laid out in the first issue of the mini-series.

The second story “The Flying Fox Trot” by Sam Maggs features a race between Rainbow Dash and Windblade but not everything goes as planned. It’s a bit predictable and wraps up a little too quickly. You’d think how popular Rainbow Dash and Windblade are as characters they would get a more in-depth story.

My Little Pony/Transformers


The pencils and inks by Jack Lawrence and Priscilla Tramontano help to enhance the stories they are trying to tell. Lawrence’s work helps with the comedy scenes especially as Discord faces off with Soundwave. Meanwhile, Tramontano captures impressive speed effects as Rainbow Dash and Windblade race and sneaks a cameo in of the two horse-based Transformers: Mach Kick and Battle Unicorn. Even though its just one panel, it’s still worth noting they took the time to make sure it was in the mini-series.

The colorwork by Luis Antonio Delgado does double duty by magnifying the most important elements of each story. With “Pet Sounds” careful attention is paid with coloring to ensure the comedy moments land. Meanwhile in “The Flying Fox Trot” Delgado ensures the speed effects emphasize just how fast Rainbow Dash and Windblade are going during their race.

My Little Pony/Transformers

The lettering work by Jake M. Wood And Neil Uyetake makes sure to help with both of the stories. Wood and Uyetake pull off the use of sound effects with a variety of fonts specific for what each panel needs. They also ensure the effects don’t distract from the panels they are in and only help with helping to tell the story.


My Little Pony/Transformers #3 isn’t the best of the mini-series but it’s still entertaining. With only one issue left the mini-series is poised to wrap up without overstaying its welcome. Still, given how entertaining this series has been, more adventures of Transformers meeting My Little Pony would be a welcomed sight.

Anthony Wendel
Anthony Wendel
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Top-notch art keeps the comedy remains on point. Review: Pet Decepticons In MY LITTLE PONY/TRANSFORMERS #3