DOCTOR MIRAGE #3 continues the trend of being one of the best mini-series coming out of 2019, as it sees its titular character take her first steps into a gorgeous mind-bending landscape.

Review: Oh, The Places You’ll Go In DOCTOR MIRAGE #3

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This week, Valiant Entertainment’s DOCTOR MIRAGE #3 continues its hypnotizing art, and emotionally gripping story, taking Doctor Mirage on a grand tour of Hell/The Other Place.

Doctor Mirage is shaping up to be one of the best mini-series of 2019. If you need proof, check out the first two reviews (#1,#2). Or go pick them up at your local Comic Shop!

Letters by Dave Sharpe. Art by Nick Robles. Colors by Jordie Bellaire

Taking a Trip to The Other Side

During the previous issue’s ending Doctor Mirage took her first step into The Other Side. Doctor Mirage #3 sees her take the full leap. Before that leap, writer Magdalene “Mags” Visaggio gives a brief future cryptic plot tease. Luckily the tease returns sooner than later, with the main duo making their way to the room showcased, yet promising more.

Unlike Doctor Mirage #2, Visaggio keeps the story in the present, focused around the duo (Grace/Doctor Mirage) in The Other Side. It was called Hell previously, but here Grace calls it ‘The Other Side.’ This could mean something more profound, or it could just be another name for Hell. Time will tell.

Visaggio puts a heavier emphasis on Doctor Mirage’s doubt in Grace, as she questions Grace’s conversations with Hwen. Increasingly more during key moments where Hwen supposedly tells Grace things that Doctor Mirage deems unlike him. Moments as such and a few teases of hidden characters help drive a new mysterious narrative. As guessed, there seems to be an ulterior-motive behind Grace’s help.

Letters by Dave Sharpe. Art by Nick Robles. Colors by Jordie Bellaire

Atmospheric Art

Nick Robles’ art would go great on a pamphlet of The Other Side. It has all things one looks for: exotic locations, famous structures, not so friendly locals. That aside, Robles seems to one-up himself each issue with Doctor Mirage #3 continuing this trend. Within the second page Robles treats the readers to an opening gorgeous double page spread of The Other Place. This page equally invites the reader while showing the location in its mind-bending glory.

Robles’ art isn’t just grand and beautiful during the huge double spread moments. Throughout the trip, Robles makes the simplest moments look spectacular. Or during the magical fights which are beautiful in their movements and actions. These magical moments are made even more appealing with the colors courtesy Jordie Bellaire.

Bellaire’s colors match Robles’ mind-bending art with the ability to pop off the page in a firework color show. Each breathtaking landscape is accompanied by bombastic colors that illustrate a museum-esque painting that’ll have you staring at it for minutes. Doctor Mirage #3 is filled to the brim with jaw-dropping imagery, meaning bubble placement is essential.

That’s where letterer Dave Sharpe comes in. Even if there’s an abundance of dialogue happening, Sharpe manages to place the bubbles in spots that don’t take away from the art. In other instances, Sharpe adds flavor to the dialogue by adding color or making the mysterious characters lettering non-bold.

Letters by Dave Sharpe. Art by Nick Robles. Colors by Jordie Bellaire

Doctor Mirage and The Crazy Trip to The Other Side

In the last two issues the team behind Valiant Entertainment’s 2019 Doctor Mirage has shown how magnificent of a series they can create. This rings true in its third issue, which ends on a wild cliffhanger that’ll make you impatient for November.

Side Note: If there was ever a The Last of the Really Great Whangdoodles comic adaption, Robles art and Bellaire’s colors would be a perfect fit!

Dear Reader, Let’s Take a Trip

With Hell/The Other Side finally showcased in its glory, how are you enjoying the first few steps in? Let us know below!

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