DOCTOR MIRAGE #2 Portrays How Far One Will Go For Love


DOCTOR MIRAGE #2 is a must read. Between the relatable characters and fantastic art, DOCTOR MIRAGE is becoming one of the best comics of 2019.
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This Wednesday, Valiant Entertainment’s DOCTOR MIRAGE #2 elegantly displays how far Shan will go to bring back her husband; no matter the obstacles in her way.

If you haven’t had the chance to read Doctor Mirage #1 or need a refresher, check out our review here.

DOCTOR MIRAGE #2 Portrays How Far One Will Go For Love 1
Letters by Dave Sharpe. Art by Nick Robles. Colors by Jordie Bellaire

A Story of Love

Below the surface, Doctor Mirage (2019) is a story of one’s journey to bring their loved one back; much like (Dante’s) Inferno. This theme is magnificently shown in flashbacks by writer Magdalene “Mags” Visaggio. Primarily taking place before Doctor Mirage #1, Visaggio regales events that caused the present day predicament. Not all of the past events are laid out, just enough to keep the reader interested.

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Visaggio portrays Shan (Dr. Mirage) willing to hold another at magical weapon point, for a chance to bring Hwen back. This moment emphases Shan’s love and willingness to bring back her husband, being the main driving point of Doctor Mirage. Moments like this are portrayed beautifully, while in a realistic manner that people can relate with.

Doctor Mirage #2 continues the theme of a television show through narration. Canonically this makes sense as Shan and Hwen hosted a talk show in past series. But Visaggio uses it differently as Shan is the comics camera one, and Grace camera two. This method shows how each view a room/area in a different artistic perception.

DOCTOR MIRAGE #2 Portrays How Far One Will Go For Love 2
Letters by Dave Sharpe. Art by Nick Robles. Colors by Jordie Bellaire

Magical Art

The art by Nick Robles continues to be astoundingly gorgeous. Even during ‘simple’ pages, Robles pencils perfectly guide your eyes through what transpires. Or when given a full page to showcase a moment, Robles does so magnificently, making you want it as your wallpaper.

One other artistic feat is how realistic it all feels. The emotions portrayed, crowded cities, and every ones’ reactions are showcased. Building upon Visaggio’s down to earth story; Robles builds it higher. Then when the story becomes out of earth, the pencils match.

For the different ‘cameras,’ Robles pencils show the similarities of the rooms, while the difference is still glaring. The magical colors of Jordie Bellaire help this difference.

For the life-like segments, Bellaire’s colors are human, never straying too far out the normal. That is until the perception shifts, or when magic is displayed. Anytime magic happens on earth, Bellaire makes sure it catches the readers eye. This is accomplished with bright colors that contrast with the dark.

The most fabulous display of color usage happens during Grace’s perception. Bellaire cranks up the bright colors meter and goes crazy. In these segments the colors beam into your eyes, showcasing the magic of what’s transpiring.

DOCTOR MIRAGE #2 Portrays How Far One Will Go For Love 3
Letters by Dave Sharpe. Art by Nick Robles. Colors by Jordie Bellaire

One of Doctor Mirage #2’s strengths comes from letterer Dave Sharpe. Throughout the issue Sharpe uses differing fonts to his advantage. When Hwen talks the fonts are non-bold, showing his ghostly language. This looks amazing next to the usual bold lettering. Or in the moments he makes Grace’s bubbles rigged and out of control.

Doctor Mirage And The Means To An End

Visaggio’s take on Shan is a wonderfully realistic one. By showing how broken she is, and how far she’s willing to go for her husband, Visaggio shows a character many can relate too. Although the meaning behind Doctor Mirage is a realistic one, the art is out of this world. When all of these elements combine a perfect follow-up issue forms. Making 2019’s Doctor Mirage a must read.

Memorable Quote: “There should be a pamphlet. So you have discovered you are dead and also in hell.” – Grace.

I mean, she’s not wrong. Pamphlets would help a lot in life, and the afterlife.

Side Note: In the previous Issues review it was stated as an ongoing, but it turns out that Doctor Mirage (2019) is in fact a five issue mini-series.

Calling All Doctors

After reading this second issue, how do you feel it’s been so far? Let us know below!

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