Ninjak #2 plays to comics strengths in both pacing and showcasing information the capabilities and powers of its main characters.

Review: NINJAK #2: How Characters Play To The Comic Structure’s Strength

Ninjak #2 from Valiant Entertainment comes to comic stores on August 25th. Writer Jeff Parker and artist Javier Pulido’s high octane series showcases the medium’s biggest strengths.


Valiant patented recaps.Ninjak and the rest of MI6’s connections are exposed. With killers at his heels, Ninjak must use every resource he has to survive, and take out the perpetrators.

Simple Stories and Outlines

Jeff Parker’s story in Ninjak #2 follows a simple outline. With Ninjak and his co-starring spy’s covers blown, there’s a strong sense of vulnerability. Between a battle with characters that act as X-Men stand-ins, and the main villains always appearing to be a step ahead, safety doesn’t seem to exist.

Ninjak #2: Blink And You’ll Visual Storytelling

Ninjak versus Not-X-Men

Ninjak #2 wastes absolutely no time when it comes to its plot’s pacing. With Parker planning out the outline, work in tandem brilliantly to get the plot rolling. Pulido’s visual storytelling, which showcases the strengths of the comic medium, is the real attraction. Readers experience a whiplash effect when they and Ninjak study the faux X-Men’s biographies and powers on a hologram. While the reader may take a while to get through the intel, it’s apparent from the lettering that Ninjak only needed a quick look to turn the tide in battle.

Best image from Ninjak #2 that I can show

Pulido shows the power of these villains in intricate ways. A spiraling two-page spread with complex panel layouts, character movements, and an artistic display of one villain’s psychic powers guides the reader’s attention. In these instances and the page’s red hues, the antagonists control the reader like they do their enemies.

Report In For Ninjak #2

Ninjak #2 presents many of the exclusive strengths that comic books use to tell stories. Whether it’s the pacing or how the page layouts guide readers through events, readers connect with these characters and to the story.

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Ninjak #2 plays to comics strengths in both pacing and showcasing information the capabilities and powers of its main characters.Review: NINJAK #2: How Characters Play To The Comic Structure's Strength