The new season of Jessica Jones gets off to a fantastic start and will leave audiences ready to binge the whole season.
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Review: Netflix’s JESSICA JONES Season 2 – Krysten Ritter Soars

Krysten Ritter gets the second season of Jessica Jones off to a roaring start and reminds fans why she is one of the best casting decisions Marvel has ever made. Ritter has this uncanny ability to project such rage on camera while still maintaining how messed up she is. The writers don’t lose sight of Ritter’s character journey, and that positively impacts how this new season unfolds. Remember, this is someone who doesn’t want to be a hero but was forced into it and was brutalized by a man (Kilgrave) who she ends up killing in the end.

Jessica Jones

The second season starts with Jessica attempting to come to terms what has happened. Did Kilgrave deserve it or is she a murderer? She spends her time working easy cases just to make enough money to cover her bar tab. Luke Cage (Mike Colter) is out of the picture, and it seems things are spiraling out of control. Instead of confronting her demons, she drowns her sorrow in booze and one night stands. A client arrives at the office that actually might have a connection to Jessica thus forcing her to face what she’s locked away for so long. How does a young girl who was in a car accident disappear for 20 days only to reappear in a hospital bed with no memory? Was she just in a coma? Did a group have something to do with her powers?

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The most prominent highlight surrounding the first episode is its writing. Instead of rushing through the demons that surround Ritter’s character, they allow the story to build creating a sense of anticipation. Showrunner Melissa Rosenberg, Raelle Tucker, and Jim Chory all have a great sense of pacing enabling the audience to enjoy the journey. While the first season is about Jessica’s confrontation with Kilgrave, season two focuses on her battle within. Will she ever find peace?

Krysten Ritter is fantastic in the lead role and leaves no doubt that serious consideration should be given to bringing her character into the Marvel cinematic universe. Rachel Taylor returns as Trish and serves as sort of conscience for Jessica. Carrie-Anne Moss returns and is solid on screen. If anything, this should show Marvel television that casting a strong supporting cast is essential. Let’s just hope they apply that to Iron Fist.

Manuel Billeter’s cinematography enhances the struggle Jessica goes through. In the first episode, he uses different light to symbolize her conflict. Everyone will undoubtedly appreciate the close-ups during the flight sequences. Billeter also makes ample use of a gray color palette in her office creating an ominous feel.

Overall, Jessica Jones has a universal appeal which will bring in fans of all ages. Whether someone is a comic-book fan or not, the bottom line is this a good television show undoubtedly worth binge-watching the moment it’s released.

Dewey Singleton - Film Critic
Dewey Singleton - Film Critic
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The new season of Jessica Jones gets off to a fantastic start and will leave audiences ready to binge the whole season. Review: Netflix's JESSICA JONES Season 2 - Krysten Ritter Soars