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The pilot of Jessica Jones was pretty great, but ‘AKA Crush Syndrome’ had to prove that Jessica Jones can follow-up on that. Boy, does ‘AKA Crush Syndrome’ achieve that.

Review of Jessica Jones Episode 2 ‘AKA Crush Syndrome’

Let’s get the obvious out-of-the-way, the opening is simply fantastic, the colors are vivid (and mostly purple) the song starts off slow and somber before getting more and more intense (much like the show itself). The entire OST is pretty great as well, it gives the entire show an apt noir tone to it.

We get a couple of characters introduced to us, mostly neighbors. Like Malcolm, the high neighbor. Fun Fact: While bingeing Jessica Jones Malcolm got the nickname “High Guy,” it is he most memorable aspect after all. We also met Robin and Reuben, the twin neighbor, also known as Crazy Sister and Creepy Brother. We also meet Officer Clemons, otherwise known as Jessica Jones’ incarnation of Ben Urich.

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Marvel’s Jessica Jones

If there is one thing Jessica Jones is great at so far, it’s the way Kilgrave has been handled so far. We see very little of him so far, a couple PTSD visions in the first episode, a flashback in this one, but his influence is everywhere. Hope’s actions are evidence enough, but we see more, Dr. Kurata and Jack, poor Jack.

Let’s talk about that for a bit, Jack is forced to help Kilgrave escape, donate both his kidneys, and get’s a stroke because of it. Jessica Jones is really a show built around moments, that scene that just makes you go crazy, and Jack has one of them.

“Kilgrave, I know.”
“-L ME”

This was really the first moment that cemented Jessica Jones ability to deliver these, of course, this is far from the last.

Jessica Jones also loves giving us a sense of paranoia, the feeling that anything can happen, that everything will happen. This is most notable when Jessica beats on a poor door guy. Kilgrave could show up at any moment, and Jessica Jones wants us to know it.

All of this builds up to our first real glimpse of Kilgrave, and boy does this scene also deliver. While its impact was significantly lessened due to the fact that it was released online days before, it still sent shivers. David Tenant delivers a perfect, chilling, performance as the psychopathic uncaring killer. Making even harmless actions like walking into someones house near nightmare inducing.

Hope is not all lost however (ha ha, name puns), Luke is freaking awesome (A saw to his stomach did nothing!?) and Jessica in on the move. Two episodes in and we’ve already found Kilgrave’s weakness, though Sufentanil seems a little overkill, all that’s left is to find the drug and apply it.

A few other developments include: Trish learning how to fight (that’ll keep the comic fans happy), Jeri learning about Jessica’s personal involvement, and Jessica kinda ruining things with Luke and Andre’s wife (come on lady, your marriage was over thanks to your affairs).

Jessica Jones has a surprising tone of humor, the dialogue is witty, and that fight scene was pretty hilarious. Jessica Jones has a found a great balance between humor and paranoia.

However, ‘AKA Crush Syndrome’ isn’t without its flaws. Despite the hype it’s gotten before release, the chemistry between Jessica and Luke was pretty nonexistent. That was an obvious choice in the first episode (there was no love in that sex scene), but it has yet to develop yet.

Regardless, ‘AKA Crush Syndrome’ was a fantastic follow-up to ‘Ladies Night’, we can only hope it will continue.

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