How CHAMPIONS #8 Gains and Loses a Hero


Champions #8 is a visually striking issue, full of character development and changes to keep fans occupied.
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CHAMPIONS #8 is out this week from Marvel Comics, and the issue is a poignant reminder for how our young heroes’ team is constantly changing and evolving. And that there’s always a new danger on the horizon they must face.

How CHAMPIONS #8 Gains and Loses a Hero 1
Kid Nova takes the forefront for this cover in Champions #8


For those that haven’t been following along until now, the Champions has faced a lot of changes as of late. They’ve gained a lot of team members, but they’ve lost some as well. One can only hope that those that have stepped down (Ms. Marvel and Spider-Man) will eventually come back around to the team.

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Along with the gains and the losses, characters and their powers have been fluctuating. Some characters have lost their powers, while others have managed to change their state or status. In short, it’s a whole lot to keep up with.

This issue was a poignant reminder that the changes to the team are not over. Once again we’re seeing a shift in powers…as well as a new wrench into the mix. Naturally, everyone is going to assume that there’s something larger going on here – but that just means that there’s another mess for the Champions to resolve. Sooner rather than later, ideally.

How CHAMPIONS #8 Gains and Loses a Hero 2
You can see the current active characters if you look to the left.

Jim Zub did an excellent job of weaving several plots together in this issue. Sam’s plot seems to be resolved (but we’ve thought that before, so only time will tell). Meanwhile, Miles and Kamala’s plots are still up in the air. And now there’s something new to deal with – whatever is going on with Riri.

All of that would have been more than enough to deal with. Yet Zub threw in a few repeating antagonists as well. They weren’t really all that important to the plot. Mostly they were there as a lightning rod for hate. Which works for us.

Now we’re just left wondering how the team will resolve this – and if the missing teammates will come back to help. We don’t yet know how long this plot will run for, but it’s sure to through the young heroes through a loop or two.

How CHAMPIONS #8 Gains and Loses a Hero 3
Irontheart and a crash ship…this doesn’t look great, does it?

The artwork for Champions #8 was vibrant and full of life. Despite the relatively large cast, it’s never difficult to tell who is who. Credit should be given to the artists for that one. Steven Cummings provided the line art, while Marcio Menyz did the coloring. Meanwhile, VC’s Clayton Cowles did the lettering for this issue.

There were a lot of different powers that had to be portrayed in this issue, and our artistic team did an excellent job of it. The fight scenes were a sight to behold. There were some odd moments in the fighting – mostly revolving around a certain characters’ punches (was that a power, or was it speed being portrayed?). But otherwise, everything looked great.

How CHAMPIONS #8 Gains and Loses a Hero 4
What is going on with Viv???

Champions #8 was a fun issue that resolved and set up plots all in one. It’s always risky when an issue tries to handle both, but when done right it does pay off. And this is one of those times. There wasn’t a dull moment to be had, and fans are left looking forward to seeing what happens next.

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  1. That’s not the current list of active characters on the left, they just put Power Man and Locust in there in place of Miles and Kamala, but also left in Wasp and Brawn, who have been gone since issue 5. And the book is cancelled, #10 will be the last one, so we do know how long this story will run for. Also, Sam isn’t called Kid Nova, it’s just Nova.

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