[Review] Farewell to Monster Girls – ep. 12

Boy did these last three months fly by. And while I hate to say Farewell to Monster Girls, I like to think that its been time well spent. But all of that is to be left for a complete series review, which I’ll be doing in the coming week. As for now, lets see what kind of finale were dealing with before we say our dear Farewell to Monster Girls.

Episode Summary

With the prospect of Kimihito dying, the girls in the house retreat with him, hoping to get away from the “harbinger of death”. But in the process each of the girls, unintentionally, bring him close to death. But once Kimihito figures out that Lala actually has no power of predicting death or reaping souls, she finds residence in his house. Bringing the monster girl line up to seven.

The second half deals with Kimihto now unable to provide for his house of hungry monsters. So they go into town and get some very generous handouts. Later Kimihito finds out that the food bill is reimbursable under the interspecies exchange act.


Episode thoughts

Now I don’t know where they found the money or time to animate the first minute so beautifully, but I appreciate the fact that it was there. It was a good intro to a good finale and really helped wrap up this show, even though it’s completely open-ended.

But it’s not only the animation that brings it for the finale, the jokes hit home in classic Monster Girls form, as well. The whole chase scene gives all the girls to get their own classic gag in there while still having it feel like the episode was progressing, and not just stopping to make a joke. Mero’s joke, to pick out an example, keeps her gag fresh while still having the Mero charm present. Of all the girls I think her’s is the most likely to get old, so I’m glad the could keep it fresh to the end. (Theres a fish pun in there somewhere)

If you read my last episode review you’ll know I wasn’t surprised at the fact that Lala was faking it all along. However I didn’t expect the explanation as to why Kimihito knew that was the reason to be so funny. Having him have been a delusional teenager himself really caught me off guard. Instead of just explaining why he knew, they make it into a joke accompanied with an explanation, which is always better than either or. The only problem I have to say is that the intro of Lala seems pointless to throw it at the end. I mean she isn’t even relevant in the last half, and I hate to say this is one of the problems with trying to faithfully adapt someone else source material. From the viewer Lala is as good as a one-off character, and I really wish they would have found a way to fit her into more episodes to let us have a little more fun with her.

But even though the second half is more or less, Lala free, it still holds up and helps wrap up the show in a very nice way. One of these way surprisingly isn’t a funny or a sexy circumstance. But I found it really nice to have a whole shopping district being there to help these monster girls and give them free stuff. It may have been a given that there are people in this world that are nice and kind to monster girls, but seeing that in action makes it feel more real. And having this scenario just gives me the warm fuzzies.

Plus this finally give us an explanation as to why Miia is such a bad cook. This is another place where the joke writing really shines. They have the shopping scenario play into Cerea’s high taste buds, which plays into Miia having horrible taste buds. Which explains why she’s such a bad cook. The stream of humor is constant and just clicks. No doubt are these jokes hard to implement, so I think its notable when they happen.

One joke I do wish they did build more on was Mero’s expansive fish knowledge, and her need to show her plethora of knowledge. I honestly think this is the strongest gag as opposed to her tragedy obsession. But the fish joke is too hard to implement as easy as the tragedy joke, so I see why it is the way it is. But one joke that doesn’t ever seems to run out, is the fact that Suu is the ultimate swiss army knife. It seems no matter the situation Suu can be the most useful tool. Whether its to advance the plot, to produce fan-service, or just being the cutest darn pile of slime, Suu shows all those assets here at the end. And surprisingly she is the only one who seems to understand the food crisis that Kimihito is in, which is ironic and pretty funny.

As I try to beat around the bush to saying farewell to Monster Girls, I don’t think that they could have left me with a better last episode. That is, other than the open-endedness, which is the problem of sticking with a faithful adaptation. Thankfully none of the flaws I have previously noted seemed to be in this episode. And I’ll have to really think about the series as a whole before I do a complete review on Monster Girls. But as far as I’m concerned, episode twelve brings it home in the most fitting way for a show like this.

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