Review: Headless Hijinks – Monster Girls, ep. 11

Monster Girls is able to deliver its signature blend of strangely sexy and creepy funny this week. And since it accomplishes this more than a couple of times, I’d say overall this episode was a success.

Episode Summary

Its time for dates with the MON squad now, since another more ominous letter from D has appeared. But after a set of three dates it’s revealed that Doppel-chan was behind the letter all along, the first one at least. Kimihito is left alone and nearly killed by a headless girl with a scythe. He brings her back after finding her in duress over her missing head. They all go out and find her head. And now that she’s whole again it’s revealed that she sent the second letter, is a Dullahan and thinks that Kimihito is going to die soon.

Episode Thoughts

This episode has many things that remind me what I love about Monster Girls. One of those is the pacing, and the fact that they know when to move on from a joke. And considering that every date with the MON squad is one big joke, its nice that their dates take altogether no more than seven minutes. They just get the jokes, get the fan service and then move on.

But while the jokes are brief, there are some monster exclusive jokes that I can highly appreciate. Like the part where Kimihito has to sew on Zombina’s breast. This is just like the Miia shedding scene but kicked up a notch. It hits on both the sexy and funny level perfectly while making a lot of sense at the same time to where I’m like, “Yeah I bet if I could detach my body parts, I would mess with people too.”

The jokes with Tio seem just like jokes they would do with Cerea, but with Tio’s personality it somehow seems fresh. But I’m sure if they had continued with it, things would have got real boring, real fast. The same can be said for Manako’s date. She really only has one joke, and it involves her stumbling over her shyness about being a cyclops. This mixes funny and cute but falling on the cute side more than anything. But they don’t really have anywhere else to go with that joke without it getting mean-spirited. I just hope that if they incorporate these girls in future episodes that they will freshen it up by mixing them with the cast. Because on their own, there literally is nothing more to show, without it getting boring and repetitive.

One complaint I probably should have had earlier is the fact that these girls constantly want to be treated normally. I think it’s popped up a number of times, but when the MON squad says it, something clicked in my head. Having them say they want to be treated like normal girls makes it sound like their monster-ness is a bad thing. That’s a weird way to phrase it. The message should be about embracing the monster part of them and learning that people can love that part of them too. Something about a girl wanting to be treated like something they’re not is gross and seems counterproductive from the whole point of the show, even if that’s the way human society treats them as a whole. Cereas pride as a centaur is a good example at what the goal should be for all these girls.

And while the dates were, for the most part free of waste, there is one thing that I found annoying. How many times do we need to hear an inner monologue from a girl about how nice Kimihito is. It’s always the same thing about how the world sees her versus how he sees her. I don’t need to hear that for the seventh, eight, and ninth time. If you show them blush I can interpret that from the situation, I don’t need the inner monologue. This is a show about getting hot and bothered over monster girls, lets keep it short and to the point, shall we.

The parts with Lala the dullahan are pretty funny all around. But one thing I find odd is that they don’t say her name at all in this episode; I had to look it up. Not damning of the episode or anything, but you would think they’d squeeze it somewhere in the episode. As for Lala as a character, she’s alright. At first I thought she would be somewhat of a scary ominous character sort of like Rachenra but without the devious side, but her occasional slip ups and total shift in personality make me think otherwise. It almost feels like she’s putting on an act at being all dark and creepy. Only next episode will we find out for sure, but I’m pretty sure that’s the case. I’m also confident that her saying Kimihito will die is just another game she’s playing at. Mostly because of her seemingly fake persona and the fact that Monster Girls wouldn’t go in that direction.

I do like how they incorporate all the other girls in the introduction of Lala. From Miia being scared to death by the headless factor, to Rachnera preying on her headless body. It felt like a normal episode of hijinks but with added headless hijinks being introduced in a natural way. Plus we get more monster exclusive jokes and fan service with Lala’s headless body being strung up by Rachnera’s bondage games. And it also reminds us that sometimes the most arousing things are a girl moaning while sucking on a finger. But the fact that it’s just a head and nothing else is what makes Monster Girls, Monster Girls. And with two episodes left, I’m hoping that Monster Girls can keep doing all these things that make it great, right up until the end.

Logan Peterson
Logan Peterson
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