DOCTOR MIRAGE #4 begins the made dash to the end of one of 2019's best mini-series, promising a grand finale in its next issue!

DOCTOR MIRAGE #4 – Death, Questions, And A Beginning To The End

The beginning of the end starts this Wednesday, as The Death Defying Doctor Mirage defies death yet again in the fast-paced penultimate issue of Valiant Entertainment’s DOCTOR MIRAGE!

Art by Nick Robles. Colors by Jordie Bellaire

As Doctor Mirage #4 takes place directly following issue three’s cliffhanger, there may be a few spoilers. To save yourself from getting spoiled, check out our review, or pick up the previous issues from your local Comic Shop!

A Story Built Upon Questions

It turns out Doctor Mirage isn’t called “The Death Defying” for nothing, as yet again she lives! How long was she “dead”, or how exactly did she survive a hole that big? Well, much like a multitude of other questions, these are never answered! But, that’s one of writer Magdalene “Mags” Visaggio’s strengths. By answering past questions, Visaggio adds in new queries. Or keeps said answers questionable.

In the previous issue’s review, we questioned Grace’s motive. Taking a break from the deadly action, Visaggio gives the duo a quick catch up scene, since Grace mentioned time had passed while Shan was dead. The amount of time is never mentioned, with Shan asking Grace multiple times how long it had been, but never receiving an answer. Proceeding this, Shan starts to question Grace more on her motive.

Having Shan give Grace the benefit of the doubt in the first two issues was understandable. In issue three, when she started questioning her, that progression made sense. But her only pushing it so far in Doctor Mirage #4 didn’t make much sense. After having just defied death, and supposedly been there for awhile, wouldn’t you ask and demand a question? Shan makes the interrogation with Grace quick as she breaks down crying. As Shan says, this action is understandable with Grace’s age. But, with everything the duo have been through, why shouldn’t Shan push even further? All of these story moments hit hard, but Shan could’ve/should’ve hit harder.

Letters by Dave Sharpe. Art by Nick Robles. Colors by Jordie Bellaire

A Sight to Behold

Doctor Mirage #4 continues the trend of being a beautiful work of otherworldly wonder. This theme of the visuals being phenomenal may soon get to the point that the dictionary will run out of explanatory words. Much like the other issue, art is courtesy of Nick Robles, with colors by Jordie Bellaire, and letters via Dave Sharpe.

Robles keeps the panel sequences sublime, never shying away from trying something unique, or different. One page’s visuals could be an easy three paneled page, with the following consisting of thee panels yet bending the rules. Or during the dialogue driven moment Robles moves the scene around the room and characters helping portray emotion, while keeping the ready interested.

Keeping the colors bright and popping, Bellaire continues the vibrant spectrum seen throughout Doctor Mirage. One sequence stands out more so than the others. That being when Shan explains the history behind the knife. In this flashback of ancient Egypt, Bellaire adds a filter of sandy brown, giving the feeling of being in the desert where the moment transpires.

Doctor Mirage #4 has heavier dialogue moments than its previous issues; luckily Sharpe is able to maneuver the bubbles around the characters while keeping the readers eyes moving. All that while keeping the font styles changing for dramatic effects, or helping portray someone else’s speech.

Letters by Dave Sharpe. Art by Nick Robles. Colors by Jordie Bellaire

The Death Defying Doctor Mirage Defies Death. Again

Doctor Mirage #4 contains only one moment that kills its perfect score. That being an important panel looking muddied, resulting in its visuals all blending together. Beside that small blemish, the beginning of the end is an action packed, character driven fantastic penultimate issue.

Cover Story: Doctor Mirage #4 received a few variant issues. The best one would be Cover C by Yoshi Yoshitani (seen below). Yoshitani has a fun and unique style that pops, while Yoshitani makes the title transparent while drawing ‘beings’ grabbing Shan. I absolutely love when artists mess with comic titles/logos. Even if it’s this small of a change.

Cover C by Yoshi Yoshitani

Dear Reader

The endgame now in sight, what did you think of Doctor Mirage #4? Let us know down below!

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DOCTOR MIRAGE #4 - Death, Questions, And A Beginning To The EndDOCTOR MIRAGE #4 begins the made dash to the end of one of 2019's best mini-series, promising a grand finale in its next issue!