From the grand sense of scale from Rodriguez's art to Ewing's characterizations of the growing cast, it feels like a proper followup to the legacy of Jack Kirby.

Review: DEFENDERS #2 – A Bombastic Tribute To Jack Kirby

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Defenders #2, out from Marvel Comics on September 8th, presents a high octane tribute to Jack Kirby. With writer Al Ewing and cartoonist Javier Rodriguez presenting a nonstop thrill ride, it’s hard not to get invested. Especially with the lettering of Joe Caramagna to guide readers.

Defenders #2: A Herald’s Epic

Ewing shows Defenders #2 through the Silver Surfer’s point of view. As a former herald of Galactus, Surfer knows the threat the team currently face. He accepts the absurdity of his current situation since it happens so regularly to him. It’s more than a little heartwarming seeing Silver Surfer comfort his future master as an infant, with a sense of appreciation for their history together.

The new characters of Taaia and Omnimax are a sight to behold as well. Taaia’s boisterous personality leaves quite a memorable impression. Aside from being the mother of Galactus, she seems to live a life of adventure in common with the Defenders. Then there’s Omnimax whose design by Rodriguez and presence combines Kirby-style machinery with a Cthulhu monster. Unlike Galactus, this monstrosity towering over everything with an obscured face genuinely looks indifferent to everything.

The Grand Cosmic Scale

Defenders #2 First spread halfSpread Part 2

Rodriguez’s cartooning presents many moving pieces in Defenders #2 converging into a single point. The wildly flying colors, shapes, and sound effects evoke the two-page spreads and collages of Kirby. Within mere moments, the reader gets an impression of threats and bursts of energy. Caramagna’s lettering guides us through the wild art.

Don’t Wait On Defenders #2

Defenders #2 gives cosmic Marvel an exciting depiction, worthy of Jack Kirby. New larger-than-life characters mingle with the cast as the plot develops. With many issues to come, readers are sure to want more of this series.

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