Big Hero 6 The Series #1 is a fun and family-friendly series, full of little quirks and a fascinating look into the mind of Fred.

Review • BIG HERO 6: THE SERIES #1 – The Heroes Are Back!

BIG HERO 6: THE SERIES #1, out this Wednesday from IDW, is the beginning of an all-new tale following some beloved heroes. This tale is one perfect for all ages and isn’t afraid to take on a slightly more silly or whimsical tone.

Our heroes are back for another round of adventures!


Big Hero 6: The Series #1 brings back all of our fan favorites. If at all possible, this series is even more kid-friendly than ever before. The tale included within these pages is slightly silly and fanciful, but is still full of all the charm fans will remember (especially fans of the movie).

The first issue in this series is split into two stories though both have a Fred-centric leaning. As if you needed more proof that the series wasn’t afraid to go a little bit silly for the sake of entertaining its readers.

This alternate cover for Big Hero 6 The Series #1 is looking absolutely amazing.

The first plot in Big Hero 6: The Series is called ‘Fred’s Comic Book Adventure’ and you can probably already take a guess at what happens here. Fred is pumped up from his most recent battle as part of Big Hero 6, finds himself unwilling to lounge around his house all day. Sorry, his mansion.

So instead, why not be productive? Makes sense. Except that Fred’s idea of productivity is a bit different from most people. He’s going to plan out how to take down their next villain. And by plan, we of course, mean he’s going to draw a comic.

Imagine Fred’s idea of storytelling. Now add artwork. Now you have a solid idea of what’s going to happen over the next several pages of this series. That being said, it was a pretty funny collection of events. The tongue in cheek humor surrounding Fred’s limitations in his artwork brought it all to a whole new level.

This plot was written by Hanna Blumenreich, and illustrated by Nicoletta Baldari. Blumenreich had some fun writing Fred’s story if the teasing nature is anything to go by. Meanwhile, Baldari did an exceptional job of portraying two different art styles (the ‘real’ versus Fred’s comic).

Our heroes are ready for a fight, in this series cover.

Next up on the list is ‘Mini Maximum Noodle Boy.’ This one was written by Joe Caramagna, but it was also drawn and colored by Baldari. This plot was significantly shorter than the first one. But it was also a little bit crazier, so it balances out in the end.

Once again, the plot is focused on Fred. And that means that things are about to get silly. Throughout this mini-arc, we learned a whole lot about Fred’s preferences in foods and restaurants. So you can probably guess at how comical everything is about to become.

As far as quick one-shots going, this was a pretty funny series of events. It perfectly captured the insanity machine that is Fred. And how he tends to warp everything around him to suit his nature. And Baldari managed to keep up with all of the crazy demands, which is even more impressive.

And here’s a look at the cover for next month’s issue.

What made Big Hero 6: The Series #1 so brilliant were all of the elements worked into it that brought it all together. The issue is split into two plots could have gone several ways. But having it all centered around Fred gave it a sense of cohesion. Having the artist and letterer (Christa Miesner) be the same throughout was another smart touch. It made the issue all look like a whole cohesive piece, instead of two random short stories stuck together.

The real question now is, how is the rest of the series going to go? Will each issue be a collection of short stories? And if so, will each member of Big Hero 6 be given a chance to shine? That would certainly be a different take on this team so far, so that certainly seems possible.

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Big Hero 6 The Series #1 is a fun and family-friendly series, full of little quirks and a fascinating look into the mind of Fred. Review • BIG HERO 6: THE SERIES #1 - The Heroes Are Back!