Monkeys Fighting Robots

The technology thriller series BLACK MIRROR returned for a fourth season this Friday. While it didn’t make our list of top “geeky” television shows of 2017, it had some solid moments this season. Rather than drop individual reviews for each standalone episodes, we’re going to rank the episodes from worst to best.


3. “Black Museum” and “Crocodile”

Black Museum is pretty disappointing. It’s like a clip show – taking the “anthology” nature of the show and applying it to one standalone episode. The connections between the stories are fairly weak, and only the first carries a real visceral punch. The episode trivializes and undermines the formula that makes the show intense.

Crocodile has some good acting, but is a fairly lame set-up. The show is all about technological thrillers, but this episode is a standard cover-up story. The cold methodology of Mia is interesting, but there’s little surprise to the story. Perhaps the most compelling element of “Crocodile” is the murderous pizza delivery machine.

Jon Barr - TV Editor
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