Monkeys Fighting Robots

The technology thriller series BLACK MIRROR returned for a fourth season this Friday. While it didn’t make our list of top “geeky” television shows of 2017, it had some solid moments this season. Rather than drop individual reviews for each standalone episodes, we’re going to rank the episodes from worst to best.

2. “Arkangel” and “Metalhead”

Arkangel (directed by Jodie Foster) is an intense, albeit predictable, episode. While the set-up is straightforward, and comes with few twists, it’s a worthwhile watch. Seeing how the relationship does over time helps the pacing of the episode, especially with the highs and lows of the technology. The “censorship” element isn’t super interesting, aside from the final beat, as most of the episode focuses on surveillance. There’s enough good in the episode to balance out the blander elements, making a fine watch.

Metalhead is bare bones, but is an entertaining thriller. Having a tech monster that looks like the robots we kick around today is spooky. While it’s not as tech-heavy as episodes past, it’s the most suspenseful. The episode feels truly unique from other episodes, which is what makes it stand out from a season full of rehashes.

Jon Barr - TV Editor
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