Gwen Stacy #1 is perfect for fans of old-school Amazing Spider-Man! Gage captures the heart of the character with a few updates. The book has the look of modern Archie and the feel of the pulpy Dick Tracy comic strips of back in the day.

Panel Breakdown: GWEN STACY #1 by Christos Gage, Todd Nauck & Rachelle Rosenberg

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Welcome to PANEL BREAKDOWN, a weekly series where we take a look at our favorite panels of a comic book. This week we are talking about the new Marvel Comics series Gwen Stacy #1 written by Christos Gage, with art by Todd Nauck, colors by Rachelle Rosenberg, and you are reading Joe Caramagna’s letters.

With Gwen Stacy #1, we take a look at Rosenberg’s colorwork, the drastic change in style for a two-page night scene, and the emotional one-page spread that brings the creative team into perfect harmony.

About Gwen Stacy #1:

The First of Gwen Stacy’s AMAZING Adventures!
Gwen and Peter may not have met until AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #31, but that doesn’t mean Gwen’s life began on that page. Learn the never-before-told origin of Gwen Stacy, top of her class, daughter of the Police Captain, and as her friend, Harry Osborn calls her, “The Beauty Queen of Standard High.” But she’s way more than you even know! Gwen’s got a science brain, a nose for trouble, and a no-quit attitude that always gets her in trouble. In the early Marvel Universe, that’s a recipe for disaster. Don’t miss Gwen, Captain Stacy, Harry and Norman Osborn, Crimemaster, Wilson Fisk, Jean DeWolff, Yuri Watanabe and even Spider-Man!

Do you have Gwen Stacy on your pull-list, let me know what you think after you read it.

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