A good lagered ale, but a bit too fizzy for me. I prefer my lagers and ales to be chuggable, and the high levels of carbonation make this all but impossible. Good flavour and great colour!


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Outlaw Brew Company: 21 Lagered Ale – A Legal Review

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Another long weekend over, and another Monday to face. And, while you contemplate how and why you got out of bed today, you may be looking forward to the end of the workday so that you can go home and enjoy a tasty post-Monday brew. I find that APAs, IPAs, stouts, and porters are too heavy for a Monday. Instead, the beginning of the week, especially following a long weekend, is when I enjoy beers that tend toward the lighter side. As such, I picked up a tall can of Outlaw Brew Company’s 21 Lagered Ale. I previously reviewed Outlaw’s Southern Lass, a wheat beer, so I’m happy to be back reviewing their take on a lagered ale this time.

Outlaw Brew Company: 21 Lagered Ale – First Sip

21 Lagered Ale pours a transparent gold colour. The foam that forms as I pour it dissipates quickly leaving a bubbly film at the top of my pint glass. I smell a sweet, grainy aroma as I take my first sip and enjoy 21’s smooth, crisp flavour. Like most lagers and lagered ales, this one doesn’t overpower my taste-buds: it packs just enough punch to set off each sip, but not enough to be overwhelming. Despite the lack of head, this is quite a fizzy brew. 21 Lagered Ale’s active bubbles provide a crisp, clean mouthfeel with little aftertaste.

Outlaw Brew Company: 21 Lagered Ale – Last Sip

21 Lagered Ale is a smooth-drinking beer, but the high level of carbonation made it difficult for me to drink this brew. In an unprecedented move, I recommend enjoying this craft brew from the can. Its aroma doesn’t have much to offer, and, unlike a pint glass, the mouth of the can will regulate some of 21’s fizziness. At 4.8% ABV with a smooth-drinking quality, this is a good beer to drink a few of while watching one of the many sporting events on TV or as a companion to binge-watching the Netflix series of your choice.

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