This was a fun episode to watch. As always, it's good to watch things bubble over at the ends of seasons. There were some great performances, especially by Lotte Verbeek and Alison Pargeter.
Outlander: “The Bakra”

Outlander: The Bakra’s Bloodbath – The Return of A Familiar…Face

Outlander fans only have one more episode in the show’s third season to sustain them until next September. The most recent episode, “The Bakra,” reintroduced viewers to a familiar face last seen in Season 2’s finale “Dragonfly in Amber,” that of the time-traveling Geillis Duncan (Lotte Verbeek). And what a reintroduction! As witch-y and seductive as ever, Geillis has obviously sharpened her image as the mysterious succubus to a fine point. I don’t know if goat blood is actually good for the skin, but I suppose it’s better than nothing if you can’t get a hold of 20th-century cosmetics.

Young Ian certainly doesn’t seem to have any problems with Gaillis’s preferred bathing method when he awakes in her chambers, but he gets nervous when he’s unable to hide the truth from her. A drugged tea that Gaillis has procured from a witch doctor makes it impossible for Young Ian to tell any lies. He blurts out that his uncle is Jamie Fraser and admits that he took a box of treasure, which Gaillis claims is hers, on Jamie’s instruction.

Outlander Season 3 – “Who Fraser?”

The mention of Jamie’s name piques Gaillis’s interest who wonders how Jamie came into possession of a single sapphire missing from the box.

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The Jamaican Governor’s Ball, to which the Frasers procure an invitation, proves to be an interesting social engagement for our favourite couple. On top of meeting Gaillis there, whom both Frasers assumed dead, they also run into Lord Grey who turns out to be the Governor hosting the ball, and, not to be left out, the fortune-telling Campbells also make an appearance.

Outlander Season 3 – “That’s the Oldest Baby I’ve Ever Heard Of”

In fact, Margaret Campbell quickly becomes the big hit of the party when telling Lord John’s fortune. Apparently as a result of contact with the missing sapphire, which Lord Grey has kept with him since Jamie gave him the gem in “All Debts Paid,” Margaret delivers a genuine prophecy concerning the installation of a Scottish king.

When twice twelve hundred moons have coursed, ‘tween man’s attack and woman’s curse, and when the issue is cut down, then will a Scotsman wear the crown

Archibald Campbell translates the prophecy for his employer Gaillis and tells her it concerns a two hundred year-old baby who must die in order for a Scottish king to take the throne. The idea of a 200 year-old baby probably sounds like nonsense to Mr. Campbell, but the idea probably makes sense to Gaillis, familiar as she is with the stones that allow interested parties to travel 200 years into the future.

Fan speculation about what this prophecy means for the show’s future has already started, but based on the preview for the season finale on December 10th it seems like a good bet that Gaillis is planning on using a set of stones in Jamaica similar to the ones she traveled through at Craigh na Dun to travel back to the ‘60s. The identity of the 200 year-old baby mentioned in the prophecy is uncertain, but one imagines that it’ll be up to Claire, Jamie, Ian, and Fergus to stop the obsessed Gaillis from sacrificing it in favour of a Scottish posterior on the throne.

First, though, they’ll have to get Jamie out of prison. Claire’s unintended slaying of her attacker back in “A. Malcolm” finally caught up with Jamie in the form of Captain Leonard’s warrant for Jamie’s arrest.

Outlander Season 3 – “The Bakra” Final Thoughts

Having never read Gabaldon’s books that provide the Outlander’s source material, I can’t provide any insight into how closely the show follow has been following the books. Based on reactions that I’ve come across from fans of the book series, though, the plot seems to mostly follow the books. The main differences generally manifesting in how those plot points develop. For instance, in the books Lord Grey tells Claire about Jamie’s son rather than Jamie telling her himself.

These kinds of changes seem to be mainly superficial ones but the creative team would do well to limit the amount of changes they make since their current practice of leaving things well enough alone has been paying off so well.

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This was a fun episode to watch. As always, it's good to watch things bubble over at the ends of seasons. There were some great performances, especially by Lotte Verbeek and Alison Pargeter.Outlander: The Bakra's Bloodbath - The Return of A Familiar...Face