Nomen Omen #2 is a visually stunning issue, one that continues the mystery of this world.

Nothing Is As It Seems In NOMEN OMEN #2

NOMEN OMEN #2, out this Wednesday from Image Comics, throws Becky’s life into even further chaos. This fascinating and dark tale continues, creating more questions for the readers as it goes.

Is there about to be a new hero on the scene?


Nomen Omen has been described as an urban fantasy saga, and yet that term doesn’t cover all of the mystery and obfuscation occurring within these pages. Last we saw, Becky Kumar had miraculously survived an accident that should have killed her. So somebody else stepped up to try and balance the scale. But it’s not that simple, is it?

Well, as it turns out, Nomen Omen #2 manages to raise even more questions from us readers. Becky’s tale isn’t over. If anything, it appears to be just beginning. There are forces at work in this city, but one cannot tell by sight which side they are on. That makes the job of surviving rather difficult.

The alternate cover gives us a good look at some of the other characters in this series.

Nomen Omen #2 is not inclined to give Becky – or the readers – a chance to stop and process what just happened. Marco B. Bucci has written a wild ride of a series, throwing us from one point to the next in dramatic fashion.

Naturally, that’s raising a whole lot of questions. Questions that we’re hoping the following issues will take the time to answer for us. After all, the series only has another thirteen issues to work with. And we’re just dying to know what is going on here.

What is clear is that there is more going on here than meets the eyes. Oh, and you can’t trust your eyes to judge who is friend or foe. We think. Again, a whole lot is going on in this issue. But we do know who is protecting Becky, versus who appears to be hunting her. So there’s that.

That is a BIG monster on this alternate cover of Nomen Omen #2.

Perhaps the most memorable part of this issue comes from the artwork within its pages. Nomen Omen #2 boasts some dramatic work, as well as a sudden change in the color palette. While the covers feature a vibrant scene, the inner pages seem to be muted and dulled. And from the way the story is being told, we can only assume that was with intent. This assumption is confirmed, based on the few pages full of color and life – pages that will snag your attention thanks to the sepia-toned pages surrounding it.

It was all very cleverly done. Though it is, once again, making us anxious to see how it all pieces together. Jacopo Camagni was responsible for the art and colors in this issue, and the cohesive nature shows.

The other artist on this issue, Fabio Amelia, was in charge of the lettering. Their lettering was on-point, and the work was subtle – except for the should effects, which were as bold and in your face as they should have been.

And here’s a peek at next month’s cover.

Nomen Omen #2 was an interesting addition to the series. While it did raise more questions than it answered, the tale has still been enjoyable. Becky’s quest has only just begun, and we’re finally starting to understand how much bigger this is than just her.

Cat Wyatt
Cat Wyatt
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Nomen Omen #2 is a visually stunning issue, one that continues the mystery of this world.Nothing Is As It Seems In NOMEN OMEN #2