Nomen Omen #3 was another brilliantly styled issue in which Becky's life is turned upside down. But at least she's starting to get some answers.

Enter the World of Magic in NOMEN OMEN #3

NOMEN OMEN #3, out this Wednesday from Image Comics, continues the story of Becky and the insane adventure she has unwillingly been thrust into. This is a world of magic and beasts, and we’ve only just begun to scratch the surface of it all.

Becky and Fer are about to face something magical.


It’s safe to say that Becky has not led a normal life up until now. Even the circumstances of her birth were somewhat…out there. But even that life could not have prepared her for some of the revelations she’s about to face. Though she’s arguably more prepared than most.

Last we saw, Becky was being rescued by the most unlikely of allies; a bulky man determined to face off against several others of his kind. And we were left with so many questions about what was going on.

Don’t worry, Nomen Omen #3 makes good on the promise for answers. Though it might just give you even more questions along the way.

Jumping into a magical realm can have some odd consequences.

Nomen Omen #3 is a wild adventure for little miss Becky. Torn from the world she grew up in, Becky now is faced with the reality of magic. And of the beast that stole her heart. The realization is easier to accept than you might believe. But then again, consider who we’re talking about here.

Marco B. Bucci wove an intricate and fascinating story here. He made clever use of several different storytelling techniques. This helped to keep the pace moving, while also giving us some painfully needed information.

Where previously the characters were interesting – yet still relatively flat – they’ve become something more here. Becky and Fer’s personalities play nicely against one another. There’s still a lot more we need to be shown about these two (and all of the other characters we’ve met), but we’re getting there.

Then there’s the plot itself. We’ve getting tossed fully into the deep end in this issue. And it’s looking to be an absorbing story, if this issue is anything to go by. The magical system is complex, and there’s just the barest hint of the politics and vendettas that run through the magical world. It’ll leave readers desperate to see more. And we’re hoping the next issue will give us exactly that.

Becky and Fer look pretty comfortable on this alternate cover of Nomen Omen #3.

Nomen Omen #3 has perhaps some of the best artwork of the series (so far). And considering one of the highlights for this series has always been the artwork, that is saying something. As with the others, this issue carefully balances gray-scale imagery against panels full of vibrant colors. The effect is stunning.

But it also serves a purpose. There are normal events. And then there are magic events and scenes. You can guess which one has been granted the ability to be shown in brilliant color. There are several pages (a little more than halfway through the issue) that are especially striking. And should probably be made into prints.

All credit goes to Jacopo Camagni for all of the artwork in this issue. They singlehandedly managed both the lines and the colors. And that is why it all looks so blindingly cohesive. There was one other artist on board with this project, Fabio Amelia. They’re the ones in charge of lettering. And unsurprisingly they did a stellar job of it.

And here’s a peek at what Nomen Omen #4 has in store for us.

Nomen Omen #3 went a long way in getting fans even more invested in the series. It’s full of beautiful artwork, character development, and answers. There’s still a whole lot left to this tale, but since we’re only a fifth of the way through this story, that makes sense. And it’s looking to be an interesting ride the rest of the way.

Cat Wyatt
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Nomen Omen #3 was another brilliantly styled issue in which Becky's life is turned upside down. But at least she's starting to get some answers. Enter the World of Magic in NOMEN OMEN #3