‘MY HERO ACADEMIA’ Episode 63 Review: “Unrivaled”

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MY HERO ACADEMIA wraps up its third season with a fine episode. Considering all that’s happened this season, “Unrivaled” does feel like a drop in action. We’ve seen Miroriya vs Bakugo, we’ve seen All Might vs All For One, and several other dynamic battles. The quick work third-year Mirio Togata makes of 1-A is almost a let down. That said, it’s still a solid episode, and has some good action and reveals. The only disappointment comes from knowing how long it’ll be until a new episode comes out.

While MY HERO ACADEMIA takes a small break before season four, the series sets up the work study program. Unlike the internships, the kids will get real field experience with the work study, like they’re sidekicks. Togata’s sparring session makes it clear how much the program can up 1-A’s game. It’s a classic MY HERO ACADEMIA beat – Class 1-A is strong, Midoriya’s a degree above with his analysis, but they all have a ways to go.

My Hero Academia

“Unrivaled” does set up a potential conflict between Midoriya and Togata. The third-year student is a level above all 1-A, but even he recognizes Midoriya as a “problem child.” Furthermore, it’s hard to not see a young All Might in Togata. Perhaps the two’s mutual worship of All Might will lead to conflict? Now that MY HERO ACADEMIA has put Midoriya and Bakugo to rest (kind of), a Midoriya vs Togata rivalry could be an exciting focus. “Unrivaled” gives us enough of this new rivalry to deliver a solid episode.

We also get hints at some new figures. “Hints” being the operative word, since we get very little of what these new characters are about. The other third years are comedic characters, but don’t have much beyond their comedy. Overhaul and “Sir,” the hero that supposedly trained Togata, are interesting new characters that will undoubtedly keep season four moving fast. However, the fact this storyline only pops up at the end is a bit of a disappointment. Cliffhangers work, but with an otherwise standard episode, going into this new conflict more would’ve been a blast.


MY HERO ACADEMIA does not fully disappoint with “Unrivaled,” because it’s a good episode. The feeling of disappointment comes from how dynamic the rest of the season has been comparatively. Therefor, “Unrivaled” shifts in quality whether you view it as a regular episode, or a season finale. Either way, it’s still a good episode, and if you need more of a MHA fix, you can go see the movie. Until then, we can only imagine how Togata, Overhaul, and All For One will cause trouble for Midoriya.My Hero Academia

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