‘MY HERO ACADEMIA’ Episode 58 Review: “Save the World with Love!”

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This week’s episode of MY HERO ACADEMIA is a large-scale break from the regular show. “Save the World with Love!” is a special episode that switches up the pace. It’s not a filler episode, though some have given it that designation. It may be a departure from the main narrative, but it’s still a fine episode with a lot on its plate.

MY HERO ACADEMIA takes a quick trip in time, back before the Provisional Hero License Exam. The episode is back when All Might still has some of One For All. He and the other UA teachers lead a “special class” for some of the standout 1-A class members. Of course, this special class includes some of the biggest characters from the show. The kids are tossed into a villainous robbery turned murder mystery. It’s not an especially compelling episode, especially as it interrupts the Exam, but it’s a fine one-off adventure.

My Hero Academia

There are a few reasons MY HERO ACADEMIA chose to take a break from the License Exam. Firstly, this episode comes during a Japanese TV charity event. While some shows don’t do new episodes during this time, MHA chose to make a special one-off. Additionally, this episode ties into the MY HERO ACADEMIA film currently in Japanese theaters. The movie appears to involve All Might’s former American sidekick, David Shield, who All Might met in his “Young Age.”


Considering the nature of the episode, it’s hard to “grade” it on the normal curve. It’s a fine episode with all the MHA fixings – some general heroics, a Midoriya/Bakugo conflict, plus a classic All Might appearance. While the series has come a long way, this return to form is quite nice. It definitely sets up the film well, so viewers know about the All Might lore beforehand. All in all, this episode is a sweet entry that works as a show for charity.

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