‘MY HERO ACADEMIA’ Episode 57 Review: “Rescue Exercises”

The next phase of the Provisional Hero License Exam brings plenty of surprises. Izuku Midoriya and the Class 1-A students now have a bigger task than playing dodgeball with other schools. MY HERO ACADEMIA throws the next test at the aspiring heroes for a smart, exciting episode.

The two-focus addition to the exam is a fantastic way to help 1-A grow. Most of the 1-A students’ experience has been fighting for their lives. But this new test prepares them for the actual work of being a hero. As Midoriya points out, rescuing civilians from danger is the “greatest ambition of a hero.” MY HERO ACADEMIA shows great growth for Midoriya within a single episode. Midoriya gets called out for still being too naive and careless, and so he adapts. The whole class sharpens up their rescue instincts as MY HERO ACADEMIA puts them to the (literal) test.

My Hero Academia

Of all the 1-A students, though, Ochaco Uraraka may have the strongest story. This episode of MY HERO ACADEMIA also puts her blossoming feelings for Midoriya to the test. The “put it away” angle for Uraraka’s crush is a classic super hero conundrum. Heroes often feel they can’t have love because of their work. Uraraka realizes that, in order to become a hero like Midoriya, she has to pack away her feelings for him. It’s sad, but it’s some of the classic hero drama that makes her & this series stronger.

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What also makes this episode strong is how the other schools are still present. Even though all the schools aren’t fighting each other anymore, they’re still competing. Shiketsu High School is still a threatening presence, even with Nagamasa Mora asking for a “good relationship.” Inasa Yoarashi goes through the same ringer as the Class 1-A students, as he is also careless with his rescue style. Meanwhile, the Ketsubutsu Academy students work like a well-oiled machine, and they look like true professionals. How the pros will grade the Exam, and who will pass, is truly a mystery.


MY HERO ACADEMIA really raises the stakes on this latest phase of the exam. Like all strong episodes of this show, Midoriya is the star, but all of 1-A is featured. There’s exciting action mixed with character growth throughout. “Rescue Exercises” is a pillar of evolution for several of the key characters of this show. There’s also a great cliffhanger with the appearance of Gang Orca. MY HERO ACADEMIA gives us a strong and powerful episode that may be one of its strongest chapters yet.

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