‘MY HERO ACADEMIA’ Episode 56 Review: “RUSH!”

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At last, the first part of the Provisional Hero License Exam is over. MY HERO ACADEMIA delivers a happy ending for the 1-A class. While the exam comes down to the wire, every student manages to come together and win. The excitement and high stakes that fuel “RUSH!” makes it an awesome watch. “RUSH!” is perhaps the most well-named episode of MY HERO ACADEMIA yet.

Much like last week, what makes this episode especially strong is teamwork. The only reason all of the students pass is because they work together. Each part of the episode focuses on a different team-up between students. This kinship and fierce loyalty is what makes the show so strong. The series is as much about the entire class as it is about Midoriya. MY HERO ACADEMIA is such a strong show that it can create strong narratives that don’t really include Midoriya. The focus on all the characters in the class makes the series a smash.

Along with the spectacular focus on the whole team, there is some great standalone development. Several of the other students get great moments of maturity and change. Kaminari’s takedown of Shishikura was great, as the character has mostly been a joke through the series. Likewise, Aoyama goes from goofy coward to brave hero, putting his passing grade on the line. Even students like Sero and Ashido get solid beats of heroism. Class 1-A is filled with cool heroes who have grown since MY HERO ACADEMIA began. “RUSH!” is an awesome showcase for just how great they are.

My Hero Academia

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Along with the great focus on the 1-A students, there’s also a great focus on the other schools. Several students from Ketsubutsu and Shiketsu got recognition in “RUSH!” as well. Yo Shindo and his Ketsubutsu Academy squad were like a creepy inverse of Midoriya’s team-ups. Meanwhile, Shiketsu High School has several students who struck out on their own as antagonists. While Shishikura was taken down, both Inasa Yoarashi and Camie Utsushimi are still threats. How they will continue to plague Class 1-A will be exciting to watch.

The fact everyone from Class 1-A passed the first test is a bit surprising. However, “RUSH!” does not promise that every student will pass overall. MY HERO ACADEMIA provides a great episode where the students are strong enough to pass… for now. What the next part of the test holds for Class 1-A will surely lead to an even more intense rush.


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