‘MY HERO ACADEMIA’ Episode 51 Review: “Moving Into Dorms”

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The latest episode of MY HERO ACADEMIA puts the focus back on the students with great success. After several episodes that hinge on All Might, the series turns back to the heroes in training. As the students move into the dorms, we get some great bonding with solid emotional moments along the way.

It’s fun getting the gang back together and seeing all their personalities. It’s been a while since we’ve gotten an episode focused on the chemistry between Class 1-A. All the gifted students living together gives me scary DANGANRONPA flashbacks, mind you. It’s still unclear who the “mole” could be, and if a student/teacher may be a villain. But for the present, the Heights Alliance marks a great bonding moment for the students and the audience.

The Best Room contest was a great focus for showcasing the kids’ personalities. Many of the characters play to their well-known traits (particularly Mineta and his perversion). However, there are also plenty new sides we get to see from the students. Notable stand-outs include Sato’s culinary skills and Shoji’s minimalist set-up. It’s even fun when we see how far certain personalities go. Watching Tokoyami yell at everyone to get out was nothing short of hilarious.

My Hero Academia

A particularly interesting character this episode is Bakugo. “Moving into Dorms” gives us the first hint that Bakugo is starting to grow, becoming more caring. When the class is discouraged by Aizawa’s scolding, Bakugo cheers them up with Kaminari’s (unwitting) help. He also pays Kirishima back for the money he spent on the rescue mission. While we know Bakugo isn’t heartless by any means, seeing this truly kind and friendly motivation is great evolution for Bakugo.

Another great character is Tsu. MY HERO ACADEMIA hasn’t focused on much on Tsu since Season 1, aside from her internship episode. Tsu is probably one of the most capable students in the class. However, “Moving into Dorms” focuses on Tsu’s self-consciousness and feelings of failure. Tsu has felt horribly since telling Midoriya that going to save Bakugo is wrong. The conflict of when heroes should intervene has been a staple of the series, particularly with Midoriya. Getting Tsu back into the spotlight, while focusing on a compelling inner conflict, works wonderfully.


All in all, MY HERO ACADEMIA excels in its search for normalcy. The students need to stick together in order to prepare for future threats. Especially since there may be a villain in their midsts, coming together can only make them stronger. This return to formula also helps the show, as it comes back from All Might’s final battle. The episode is not only a strong return for the class, but a great sign of what’s to come.

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