Muskoka Brewery Unfiltered Cream Ale – A Full-Bodied Review

Muskoka Brewery Unfiltered Cream Ale – The Brewery

I’m generally not much of a cream ale drinker but with the multitude of IPA’s I’ve reviewed in the past I figured it was time for a change. Because of my love for IPA’s, Muskoka Brewery’s Unfiltered Cream Ale was a great choice for me. Although not by any means a hop forward beer, this cream ale’s strong hops flavour makes it unique among the cream ales I’ve had. Muskoka Brewery Unfiltered Cream Ale is an award-winning beer, having won Gold in the 2014 Ontario Craft Brewing Awards in the British Pale/Bitter category. Here’s what I thought of it …

Muskoka Brewery Unfiltered Cream Ale – First Sip

I’m surprised by the hoppy flavour of this cream ale as I take my first sip. Having only had pale cream ales in the past, I was surprised by its amber colour as I poured it into my glass. This cream ale’s colour accurately represents its strong flavour. Although its predominant quality is its surprising hoppiness, Muskoka Brewery Unfiltered Cream Ale manages to retain a strong undercurrent of malt. Its low carbonation level, described on the Muskoka Brewery website as English pub-style, allows the earthy flavour of this beer to present itself subtly. Its aftertaste is noticeable but it doesn’t stick around too long.

Muskoka Brewery Unfiltered Cream Ale – Last Sip

I usually warn against letting beer go warm but Muskoka Brewery Unfiltered Cream Ale is rightly described as an English pub-style ale, and as such enjoys the privilege of being consumed at room temperature should the drinker prefer it so. Its low level of carbonation and distinct flavour accentuate this beer’s creamy mouthfeel. Its honey-amber colour make it a brew that necessitates a pint glass. It’s unlikely that you’ll be able to fully appreciate Muskoka Brewery Unfiltered Cream Ale’s complex flavour straight out of the can or bottle.

Michael Bedford
Michael Bedford
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