Awards season is about to start its big push. We still have Steven Spielberg’s historical drama, The Post, and Paul Thomas Anderson’s Phantom Thread – which just so happens to be Daniel Day-Lewis’s last movie as well – on the horizon. But there’s been plenty to enjoy so far in 2017, a year of big movies and small movies and some tremendous movie moments in both. You may have forgotten about some of these – stuff moves pretty fast these days – so this Turkey Day, here’s 12 movie moments to be thankful for in 2017…

12The Enigmatic Existence of IT COMES AT NIGHT

2017 had more than one example of audience confusion (and subsequent anger) but one of the more confounding experiences for viewers was Trey Edwards Shults’s sophomore effort, the apocalyptic thriller It Comes at Night. Audiences went in expecting jump scares and shocking gore. They did get horror, but not the kind they were promised by the trailers.

It Comes at Night is a horror of paranoia and pragmatism, a true “what would you do” scenario pitting one family against another in a confined setting. The horror lies within the decisions made, and the finality of those decisions, not in whatever is poisoning the air and turning people into zombies. It Comes at Night is a great sociological thriller about what happens when that society is no longer in tact, and viewers who can readjust their assumptions will be pleasantly surprised.