Monkeys Fighting Robots Now Exclusively Covering Comics

Starting in 2019, Monkeys Fighting Robots will shed our film and TV coverage, and focus exclusively on comics.

Comics is a unique, rich, and diverse medium deserving of a website’s full attention. Dedicating our team of writers to just comics will not only allow for more content, but more in-depth content. This means we’ll be offering our readership more exclusive interviews, analyses, and thought-provoking pieces about the intricacies of comics, in addition to our usual reviews and news stories.

It also means that we’ll be able to dedicate more time to smaller publishers, as well as independent and self-published creators.

And fear not, fans of film and TV, you can head over to our new sister-site POPAXIOM for coverage of your favorite shows and movies. (Read our full POPAXIOM announcement here.)

Here are a few examples of the deeper, more diverse type of content you can expect to see from MFR moving forward:

If you’re a publisher, writer, artist, or creator of any kind who would like to see your comics covered on MFR, please contact

What do you hope to see from MFR now that we’re comics-exclusive? Let us know in the comments, or on Twitter @monkeys_robots!

Anthony Composto - EIC
Anthony Composto - EIC
Editor-in-Chief for Monkeys Fighting Robots. A lifelong fan of Spider-Man and the Mets, Anthony loves an underdog story. He earned his B.A. in English because of his love for words, and his MBA because of his need for cash. He considers comics to be The Great American Art Form, and loves horror movies, indie dramas, action/thrillers, and everything in between.