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Space Sharks, massacres, Jyn Erso, Big Foot, and Thanos’ killer revealed all in this week’s MARVEL COMICS RAPID FIRE RECAP; as Black Bolt goes on a rampage in DEATH OF INHUMANS #2, the Infinity Watch is reformed in INFINITY WARS #1, and  Frank Castle becomes a baby daddy in COSMIC GHOST RIDER #2.

Almost every Marvel Comic, cliffhanger, and plot twist released the week of  August 1, 2018, is going to get SPOILED ROTTEN!  Turn back now, unless you’re done reading for the week OR you simply just don’t care. Too read our full reviews click on the title of each issue.

Spoiler 13

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Infinity Wars #1

Doctor Strange forms the Infinity Watch to take down Thanos and protect the universe from any threats interested in gathering all the stones. Meanwhile, Loki’s quest to find out who made him forget and alter his past had him bump into an alternate universes Loki Odinson who wields all Infinity stones and Mjolnir. Then, readers jump back to find out that the killer of Thanos was non-other than Gamora who stole the Power Stone and decapitated her dear old dad. There is no way this could get more nuts, right? Well, the issue ends with Gamora impaling Peter Quill!

Captain America #2

No one trusts Cap. It’s like everyone thinks he tried to take over the world or something… (sarcasm) Anyway, Steve is on a crusade to make a difference the American way, even though America wants nothing to do with him. But as the issue ends, readers see that Cap is heading to Wakanda and making deals with the Cosmic Cube on the side (I think).

Cosmic Ghost Rider #2

After a long talk with Galactus and Uatu the Watcher, Frank decides not to kill baby Thanos and raise him as his son. Yup! You read that right. Well, just as the issue ends, the new Guardians of the Galaxy featuring a duck Juggernaut, Jubilee, Cable, and some version of Rocket Raccoon come to put the kibosh on the Cosmic Ghost Rider’s fatherly plans.

Death of Inhumans #2

Black Bolt goes ape-poop crazy and annihilates the Kree at Hala. He screams the names of all that died at the hands of Vox in Arctilan. And yes, that means Lockjaw is dead too. Please take a moment of silence for the most fantastic pooch in the world.

At the end of the issue, that slippery devil Vox manages to pull a fast one on Black Bolt and slices his throat. We’ll have to wait until next issue to see if he lives.

Immortal Hulk #4

Walter Langkowski A.K.A. Sasquatch and Jacqueline McGee (a news reporter) go investigate another Hulk sighting at a bar in South Dakota. Somehow, Langkowski gets stabbed in the back and sent to the hospital in critical condition. While McGee waits for news on Walter, Banner shows up in disguise telling her to evacuate the building. Why? Well, as the sun goes down, readers see Langkowski change into a raging Sasquatch on the operating table. We are going to have a good old fashion South Dakota Hospital fight next issue!

Star Wars #52

While dodging Vader, Han shoots Threepio into Luke’s Star Ship to deliver a message to the Rebellion. Threepio tells them that the airlocks have a failsafe to open if something flies directly at them automatically. So, Luke tests the theory, opens the doors, and names his fighter team Rogue Squadron after Jyn Erso and their mission. Luke was always the more sensitive and emotional twin.

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