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Last issue of Cosmic Ghost Rider seemed like the most insane comic book imaginable, but writer Donny Cates goes even bigger and crazier in issue two!

Do the words Galactus and Space Sharks mean anything to you? Let’s find out!

WRITTEN BY: Donny Cates
PENCILS BY: Dylan Burnett
COLORS: Antonio Fabela
LETTERS: Clayton Cowles


mfr spolier alert

Cosmic Ghost Rider 1-1


The Cosmic Ghost Rider takes baby Thanos to a bar on Markus-Centauri while he waits for Galactus to devour the planet. Once Galactus shows up and destroys a bunch of Space Sharks, he mind melds with the Rider and realizes that he’s got to end the baby’s life immediately before he grows up to become the Mad Titan.

Having a change of heart, Frank decides to fight off Galactus and raise the baby as his own son instead. This triggers Uatu to show up, speak his piece, and watch a new version of the Guardians of the Galaxy come to stop Castle in his tracks.

Cosmic Ghost Rider 1-2


Donny Cates is quickly becoming a legend. Someone gave this guy the keys to the Ferrari and he’s allowed to drive it wherever the heck he wants. And you know what? I’m totally ok with that right now!

The beginning was a bit rough. I thought Cates was overplaying his hand when he took baby Thanos into the bar. It seemed silly and unnecessary. As odd as this is to say, taking a baby to a bar felt done before. After Galactus shows up, Cates decided to go up to the buffet line and throw everything on his plate. The readers are definitely leaving this issue feeling stuffed.

The amount of craziness in this issue was so much fun and definitely made it worth the price of admission. However, the only part that felt out of character for me was Uatu. For a guy whose supposed to “watch” stuff, he did a lot of talking. Something about Uatu just didn’t sit well with me after reading it.

Cosmic Ghost Rider 1-3

The Art

Let’s start with the cover art by Geoff Shaw and Antonio Fabela. Holy crap that was detailed, bright, and jaw dropping. Any rando, filthy casual, comic fan who walks into a shop would rip this bad boy off the wall solely from the cover alone. Not to mention, Dylan Burnett’s art is so much better this issue than last issue.

Maybe it’s because he isn’t drawing as many human faces as last issue? But from about page 7 on, all the characters were practically aliens or cosmic beings, which appears to be Burnett’s playground. I especially love his Galactus, as well as Fabela’s deep purples and lightning that surround the devourer of worlds. It seems the more cosmically epic the situation, the better Burnett’s art becomes.

Cosmic Ghost Rider 1-4

Should you buy this issue?

If you like crazy, out of this world, Marvel Comics nonsense, this issue is for you. Cates is literally allowed to use every toy in the toy box… and I mean EVERY TOY! Readers are given Frank Castle as the Cosmic Ghost Rider, baby Thanos, Galactus, Uatu the Watcher, and now New Guardians of the Galaxy that appear to have a Duck Juggernaut, a female Captain America-Marvel, some version of Rocket Racoon, Jubilee, and Cable! Why would anyone not want to read this? This issue was Epic!

Should you add this to your pull list?

Definitely! The art was much better than last issue and the creativity of Cates is currently top notch. Who knows where this thing is going from here but I feel like Marvel fans have no choice but to follow this series through. The ramifications this series could have for the Marvel Universe could be huge. Don’t you want to be apart of that journey? Plus, readers will have to tune in if they want to see where this things ends! Just say this phrase out loud: Frank Castle is going to raise Thanos as his son. What the poop is that?!

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