MacLean’s Pale Ale from Maclean’s Ales: A Well-balanced Review

MacLean’s Pale Ale – The Brewery

MacLean’s Ales is one of those breweries with a history that’s hard to believe. According to the MacLean’s Ales website, the founder Charles MacLean learned how to brew when he ran out of money and had to work at a pub while on a motorcycle trip in the British countryside (cool!). Learning more than just how to sling suds, MacLean developed an interest in brewing at the pub, and when he returned home he started brewing his own beer, an homage to his time in Britain. I’m glad that Mr. MacLean decided to come back and open his brewery so close to me. Grey County proud, MacLean’s Ales are a welcome part of Ontario’s craft brewing scene.

MacLean’s Pale Ale – First Sip

MacLean’s Pale Ale has a rusty amber colour. Its frothy head forms on top quickly as I pour the beer into my glass. I smell apple sauce when I take my first sip, then notice a taste of strawberries that gives way to a caramel maltiness. The smooth malt transforms into a strong aftertaste that reminds me of black tea. Because of its high carbonation level, MacLean’s Pale Ale has a lasting mouthfeel that coats my palate.

MacLean’s Pale Ale – Last Sip

MacLean’s Pale Ale packs a 5.2% ABV punch so, beyond the obvious warning of only drinking a couple of these in one sitting, I suggest accompanying this beer with some snacks. This brew’s almost tart aftertaste pairs well with other strong flavours especially Mexican or Thai food, but dark chocolate, strong cheeses, or your favourite flavour of chips can be great too. You’ll find that MacLean’s Pale Ale’s flavour changes perceptibly as it warms, allowing its full-bodied British pub heritage to come out.


MacLean’s Pale Ale – Other Comments

Although this exceptional brew features a strong aftertaste brought on largely by the flavour of the hops, I wouldn’t describe this beer as hop-forward: it’s well balanced and subtle, not pushing too much of any one of its well-defined flavours.

Michael Bedford
Michael Bedford
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