Luther Campbell – The NFL Can Fix The Concussion Problem

Rapper Luther Campbell (formerly of 2 Live Crew), 20 years later after going toe-to-toe with the Supreme Court Campbell has become more than just a entrepreneur, he’s a social activist for the city of Miami.

During our interview Campbell talked about the situation in Ferguson, social media, inner city gun violence, presidential candidate Bernie Sanders, concussions in the NFL, and how you can become a social activist as well.

“If you got a guy that can ride in a race car with a helmet on and crash into a wall at 200mph and survive that, you need that helmet. But that helmet does not look sexy in the NFL. So if the NFL real wants to prevent these concussions they would send more money down to the high school programs and they would design a helmet using the designs or using the guys who designed these NASCAR helmets and say, “Lets put this ugly helmet on these guys head, it may look like a spaceship but if we are really really serious about this concussion thing we’ll take that helmet that you can run into the wall at 300mph,”” said Campbell.

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Matthew Sardo
Matthew Sardo
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