Lumberjanes #64 was a fun and chaotic tale - exactly what we want to see from this team.

LUMBERJANES #64 – Pure Chaos and Fun Galore

The Roanoke has found themselves trapped in the aptly named Land of Lost Things. Surely they’ll find a creative way out of there before LUMBERJANES #64 comes to an end.

Lumberjanes 64 Cover
Another bright and fun cover for the Lumberjanes.

***SPOILERs For LUMBERJANES #64 Below***

The Lumberjanes have always had a talent for getting themselves into (and out of) trouble. That’s just the way it goes. So we everyone knew that when they got themselves trapped in the Land of Lost Things that they would eventually find a way out.

But that doesn’t mean the journey would be any less fun. The Lumberjanes plots have always been somewhat short and sweet – the perfect escape from a world that is sometimes too intense to bear.

Lumberjanes 64 Alt Cover
The alternate cover for Lumberjanes #64 is so sweet.

‘The Fight Stuff’ was a cleverly named and fun issue written by Shannon Watters and Kat Leyh. This issue had a lot of fun playing with a world full of portals. The Land of the Lost, as mentioned earlier, is exactly what it sounds like. So not only did our missing Lumberjane end up here – but so did a lot of other interesting items and creatures.

A giant space station in the middle of the Land of Lost Things.

It may seem odd to see dinosaurs and space stations in the same place (unless you’re a Whovian, then this is just another day of the week), but for the Lumberjanes this is pretty on par for the course.

As was the somewhat insane solution to their problems. Who would have expected that the best way to get home would be to mess with a crashed space station, to free up space (no pun intended) so that a herd of dinosaurs could fit by. Apparently, the Lumberjanes would have guessed that one.

But seriously, this was a cute and fun issue. It had a lot of the elements fans love about the series; the lighter tone, the character interactions, and some witty banter work well. Plus there was some heartfelt dialogue thrown into the mix.

Lumberjanes 64 Page 3
Portals! Space! All a normal day for this crew.

While the plot was fun, it was the artwork that brought Lumberjanes #64 to life. The dinosaurs portrayed were in the same style most of the creatures the Lumberjanes come across – stylized with lots of bold colors. It makes them look cuter than their real-life counterparts, but that’s a good thing.

AnneMarie Rogers clearly had fun coming up with a bunch of different dinosaurs to draw. Meanwhile, Maarta Laiho filled the issue with as many vibrant colors as she could manage. Yet neither of these elements felt out of place. Must be the Lumberjanes charm.

Letterer Aubrey Aiese opted to go with a slightly more classic look (for the Lumberjanes, that is). The word bubbles never blocked any of the fun action that was happening, thankfully. Meanwhile, the font had a slightly handwritten look to it – a trademark of the series.

Lumberjanes 64 Pg 4
Sometimes listing out all of the dangers in a situation isn’t the right call…

Lumberjanes #64 wraps up the current plotline for the series. However, it also appears to be setting up for the next plot. Presumably, our cabin of mischief makers will be making reparations for losing a certain bear lady’s telescope.

Lumbgerjanes 64 Pg 1
Another Lumberjanes badge to add to your mental catalog.

This issue was a fun light read. It’s perfect for younger readers as well as older fans just needing a change of pace from all of the darker-toned comics available.

Cat Wyatt
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Lumberjanes #64 was a fun and chaotic tale - exactly what we want to see from this team. LUMBERJANES #64 - Pure Chaos and Fun Galore