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After a few memorable cameos in last year’s Batman v Superman and a small appearance in Suicide Squad, fans will finally get to meet Ezra Miller as The Flash when Justice League lands in theatres this November.

Barry Allen aka The Flash will be recruited into the League by Batman (Ben Affleck), and other than the characters fondness of pizza and Rick And Morty, we don’t know much about how the character is introduced and represented in Justice League. To build anticipation for the hero, we’ve collected the five things we’re most excited to see from The Flash in Justice League, which you can check out below.

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5. References To Rogues Gallery

While the top spot goes to Batman and possibly Spider-Man, The Flash has arguably one of the greatest rogues galleries in comic-books.

With Justice League in theatres and The Flash finally introduced, it would be amazing for the film to mention and possibly hint towards some of the villains that the hero has and will face in future movies. This doesn’t mean that we need to see the Reverse Flash or any major villains in Justice League, it simply would be cool for Barry to reference a previous interaction with one of his many great villains.

4. Iris West Relationship

While I’m sure the Justice League reshoots have improved the overall film, it was disappointing to learn that Kiersey Clemons’ scenes have been cut from the movie. Clemons, who was reported to have a small role in Justice League, will portray Iris West in the DC Extended Universe and it was exciting to know that we’d meet Iris and get to see The Flash and his other half interact in the movie.

We might not get to see Iris in Justice League, but hopefully, we’ll somehow get hints towards the relationship that Barry and Iris share. Hell, I wouldn’t be surprised if the theatrical cut of the film ends up having a few scenes featuring Iris and Barry together.

3. References To Origin

Barry Allen’s origin as a superhero is a unique and interesting one as far as comic books go, so it would be amazing if the Justice League movie could show or tease how Barry got his speed.

It’s highly unlikely that Justice League will include a flashback to Barry’s origin, but we could see camera footage of the incident or even an explanation from The Flash himself. Other than Cyborg, The Flash is the only member of the team that wasn’t born with his superpowers (Batman doesn’t count), so we can only hope that the lightning strike is mentioned or shown in Justice League.

2. Explanation Of The Speed Force

Many members of the audience will know that Barry has super-speed, but only the die-hard fans will understand where that power comes from. The speed force is a complicated power in the DC Universe, and it would make a lot of sense for Justice League to delve into where The Flash’ speed comes from and how the speed force affects the universe.

Introducing the speed force isn’t something that is necessary to the success of the film, but as a major fan of The Flash, seeing Justice League attempt to explain the speed force would make my nerd heart double in size.

1. Time Travel

The Flash has a variety of amazing powers, but his ability to travel forwards and backwards in time is possibly his greatest. In a way, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice has already teased Barry’s time travelling power, but I have a feeling we’ll see the character run into the past when Justice League is released.

From the looks of the trailers, this version of Barry Allen is still adjusting to his new powers and probably doesn’t know that he can travel in time. This might be something that he figures out or is taught in Justice League.

What do you want to see from The Flash in Justice League? Let us know in the comments section below!