5 Things Every Aquaman Fan Wants To See In ‘Justice League’

Justice League is just over a month away and we’re inching ever closer to our first cinematic adventure for Aquaman. If the Justice League trailers, teasers, and posters are any indication, Jason Momoa will steal the show, but when it comes to Justice League, we don’t know how the character will be introduced and recruited into the team of superheroes. With that in mind, there are a few things that we’d love to see from the Atlantean prince when Justice League finally lands in theatres.

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References To Ocean Master

Justice League
Image via DC Comics

After Justice League, the solo Aquaman movie will be the next film in the DC Extended Universe, and I feel it’s essential for the film to introduce specific storylines for the upcoming movie to pick-up with and develop.

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We already know that Aquaman’s evil half-brother Orm aka. Ocean Master will be the primary villain of the solo Aquaman movie. Therefore it would make sense for Justice League to introduce that character and that conflict, so the audience is already filled-in with the necessary information for the solo movie.  By adding Ocean Master into Justice League, the audience will be instantly interested in seeing what happens next and will be more likely to buy a ticket for Aquaman in 2018.

Communication With Sea-Life

Justice League
Image via Warner Bros.

Aquaman’s ability to communicate with animals of the ocean is always mocked, but if pulled off correctly, it could become a badass power and an excellent moment for Aquaman in the Justice League movie.

Aquaman’s control over sea-life makes him a unique member of the League, and while it may not often be used in Justice League, it would be incredibly impressive to see the character control a shark or some other kind of creature. Some fans might think this could come across as cheesy or stupid, but ignoring Aquaman’s powers would be a disservice to the character and would stop Justice League from doing something that we’ve never seen in a comic-book movie before.

Chemistry With Mera

Justice League
Image via Warner Bros.

Possibly the most surprising aspect of Justice League‘s marketing is the massive amount of excitement that surrounds Amber Heard’s Mera. Aquaman’s love-interest will also be introduced in Justice League, and it’s vital for the film to present the relationship and dynamic between these characters correctly.

If the audience doesn’t care about Arthur and Mera’s relationship and the actors have no chemistry, the solo Aquaman movie will find it harder to grasp an audience and tell a compelling story.

Joke-Ending Action Scenes

Justice League
Image via Warner Bros.

For years Aquaman has served as the silly League member that comic-book readers like to make fun of, but hopefully, Justice League and Jason Momoa can end all of that.

Before the solo Aquaman movie lands in theatres, it is important for the DC Extended Universe to change how the audience views the character. While the trailers have done a lot, Aquaman is still joked about in the pop-culture community, so Justice League will need to shift popular opinion when it is finally released.

As we saw with Wonder Woman in Zack Snyder’s Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, significant action sequences can do a lot to spark interest in a particular character. Hopefully, Aquaman will be included in enough Justice League action scenes that the audience forgets that they ever made jokes about the characters “silly” powers.


Justice League
Image via Warner Bros.

One of the best things about Man of Steel and this summer’s Wonder Woman was the time that each movie spent developing and introducing us to the different worlds and societies that these characters were born into. The opening sequences on Krypton and Themyscira are some of the most entertaining scenes in the DC Extended Universe, and it would only make sense for Aquaman’s underwater kingdom to get the same treatment.

While I’m sure Atlantis will be fully developed and realised in next year’s Aquaman movie, it would make a lot of sense to give us a sneak peek at the location in Justice League. The trailers have teased some cool underwater shots, meaning we will most likely visit Atlantis in the film, I just hope the city is introduced perfectly and created with the same level of detail as Themyscira and Krypton.

What do you want to see from Aquaman in Justice League? Let us know in the comments section below!

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