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James Tynion kicks off this magical mystery tour by sending Wonder Woman around recruiting her new Justice League Dark team. But why? It turns out, when our heroes broke the Source Wall, they broke magic too. But, who does she get to join? Who’s the big bad? And, who’s the boss? I’ll give you a hint: it’s not Tony Danza.

Justice League Dark #1

WRITTEN BY: James Tynion IV
PENCILS BY: Alvaro Martinez Bueno
INKS: Raul Fernandez
COLORS: Brad Anderson
LETTERS: Bob Leigh



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Magically Delicious

As solicits and conversations began about Wonder Woman leading Justice League Dark, curiosity set in. How could Wonder Woman lead the magic community?  Well, Tynion makes it work.

The reality is the magic community doesn’t think the Justice League can solve a universal-wide magic problem. So, no one wants to help Wonder Woman. This makes total sense. The League is known for their fists, action, science, and technology. Magic has nothing to do with any of that nor should the magic community trust the individuals that caused the problem initially. Tynion kicks off the series with a perfect reason and direction.

Later in the Oblivion Bar (love this place), Tynion explains magic so eloquently. He says magic is “beauty, horror, and ecstasy” together. He later says,  “the world would be a cold, dead place devoid of miracles” if magic didn’t exist. That was one of the most epic explanations of magic I’ve ever heard. With statements like that, Tynion is able to wrap the reader’s feelings around magic and make us sympathize with Wonder Woman and the magical community. Excellent job and a great start on the series!

Magic the Gathering

As Wonder Woman goes on her quest to save magic and gather up a team, we find out some interesting tidbits that were intriguing and should play a huge role in future storylines. Tynion introduces the death of Zatara, Bobo being the protector of Myrra and owner of Nightmasters sword, Man-Bat working for the Government, and Justice League Dark headquarters being located directly beneath the Hall of Justice.

Readers are set up for some crazy stories ahead, and Tynion dangles multiple plot threads out there showing us that this series is here to stay. Will we get Nighmaster and Zatara back? Can Man-Bat work on the side of good? How can the magic community use their abilities to help if they go haywire? Who is the Upside-down Man?  How is the Tree of Wonder not connected to the Green?  Does anyone else smell crossover events? I’m excited just talking about it!

The Art

Overall Bueno, Fernandez, and Anderson did a fantastic job with the art in the first issue and complimented each other so well. The Tree of Wonder looks gorgeous, AND the Swamp Thing art is drawn with so much detail that readers can tell the stage isn’t too big for this art team.

Bueno, Fernandez, and Anderson don’t lose sight of the minor details on huge fight scenes or splash pages. Look no further than the final splash page for proof and see the intricate branches weaving off of Swamp Thing. Or, look at the panel of Man-Bat taking his classic serum and raging out into a huge bat monster. The detail in his fur and wings is so impressive. I see great things in this teams’ future.

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Should you buy this issue?

You bet! Tynion connects the events from DARK NIGHTS: METAL, JUSTICE LEAGUE: NO JUSTICE, and even JUSTICE LEAGUE to make this series fascinating and important. Readers are given nuggets to the magical realm with characters like Jason Blood, Zatanna, Constantine, and even Zatara BUT Tynion and his team still make the comic feel like a Superhero story.

I love interconnected universes, and if this is a snapshot of the future of the comic, as well as the DCU, JUSTICE LEAGUE DARK should play a huge role in the future of the DCU. You need to get this issue and hop on board now, especially after finding out Constantine killed Zatara somehow (jaw-dropping to me) AND that one of the Justice League Dark members will bring the destruction of magic and the world.

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Should you add this to your pull list?

Definitely! Tynion does an amazing job making readers feel like they are reading a book about magic, mystery, and the occult BUT giving readers the familiar sensation of characters they know like Wonder Woman and Swamp Thing.  Even though parts of the issue were heavy in dialogue, Tynion makes new readers in this realm feel comfortable moving forward while igniting an interest that has had fans clamoring since REBIRTH. 

Put this in your pull for at least the first arc and see where it goes!

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justice-league-dark-1-reviewJames Tynion kicks off this magical mystery tour by sending Wonder Woman around recruiting her new Justice League Dark team. But why? It turns out, when our heroes broke the Source Wall, they broke magic too. But, who does she get to join? Who’s the big...