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JUSTICE LEAGUE #4 well written by Scott Snyder, dynamically drawn by Jorge Jimenez, splashed with colors by Alejandro Sanchez, and eloquently lettered by Tom Napolitano hits your local comic book shop this week. Snyder and Jimenez blow your mind with intelligent writing and art that will knock your crocs off… and the jibbitz too!




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Wow! So much happened during this issue but let’s cut it down to just the Facts shall we? Luthor and Joker manage to take control of Martian Manhunter and Superman’s bodies while inside the Totality. Meanwhile, Grodd uses a 4th generation baby Turtle (Flash’s original villain) to control the Still Force while Sinestro destroys John’s lantern ring and creates an Ultraviolet Ring Corps. From start to finish, this was an enjoyable issue. Snyder, please don’t blow this.

What was Good

Snyder and Jimenez did a tremendous job with nonstop action followed by continuous twists and turns. This was a very vital issue and here is what stood out:

Batman finally seemed like BATMAN! Thank the Maker!  Sure, the Legion currently has the upper hand BUT Snyder’s narration of Batman figuring out what’s going on seemed reminiscent of a great detective and the cunning fighter he once was.

What was Great

Aquaman seems like a dude no one should mess with. He’s kicking names and taking ass! When he’s fighting the White Martians, Aquaman is slaughtering them! Even in Aquaman’s small part, Snyder and Jimenez did a fantastic job showing off the character.

The overall story made sense. From one page to the next, Snyder and Jimenez unraveled a thorough, connected, and cohesive story. Questions are logically answered. Readers know why the Justice League is doing everything and it makes sense. The jumps from team to team flow so well. But the best part of the issue; every League member feels essential like they have a task to do.

ART was the Best PART

Jimenez, keep doing what you’re doing. Snyder has been writing well, but the art is what’s throwing this book to the top of my pull list. It’s the cherry on top that elevates this book to a must read each release.

For example, when Lex and Joker take over Superman and Martian Manhunters bodies, notice the facial change in the characters. Their faces look so sinister. They kind of look like Luthor and Joker.

How about John’s face as his ring is destroyed? OR take a look at the sheer size of Grodd with (in all seriousness) a cute baby attached to him. The color of the Still Force coming off Grodd by Sanchez and the placement of the lettering by Napolitano, as well as the unique lettering for Grodd, really drives this issue.


This issue was outstanding from beginning to end HOWEVER Snyder has been prone to painting himself into a corner and figuring out a magical way to escape in the last issue (see METAL). Snyder, please gradually take some time showing our heroes finding a way. Give the Justice League some wins along the way. This way, it seems more realistic when they win.

For example, the Justice League has no Green Lantern, Batman lost his ship and was eaten by a parasite, Wonder Woman and Aquaman are fighting each other thanks to Grodd’s Mind Control, Superman and J’onn are being controlled by villains, the Flash can’t move, and who knows what Joker did to Hawkgirl. My point: all looks lost. Don’t flip it around in one issue. Maybe Batman finds a way to FINALLY be who he used to be and escapes from inside Superman’s body and slowly takes back the Justice League.

But, notice the only thing worth nitpicking is something NOT in this issue. It’s something Snyder has done recently but who’s to say he’ll box himself in again? Recent research points in that direction, but we can only hope he doesn’t go down that gopher hole. As for THIS issue, gosh it was good! Keep them coming!

Should you pick up this issue?

Yes. But you’ll be lost if you jump in now. So, read JUSTICE LEAGUE #1-3 first. It won’t take long. You’ll have a blast. Trust me.

Should you add this to your pull list?

Four issues into the run and we have excellent pacing, fantastic art, amazing layouts, reasons that can be explained, action, adventure, a task for almost every member of the Justice League, and it’s just a fun read. Yes! If you haven’t added it yet, you’re just late to the party now.

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justice-league-4-review-snyder-jimenezJUSTICE LEAGUE #4 well written by Scott Snyder, dynamically drawn by Jorge Jimenez, splashed with colors by Alejandro Sanchez, and eloquently lettered by Tom Napolitano hits your local comic book shop this week. Snyder and Jimenez blow your mind with intelligent writing and art...