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JUSTICE LEAGUE #3 written by Scott Snyder, art by Jorge Jimenez, colors by Alejandro Sanchez, and letters by Tom Napolitano explodes on to your shelves this week as Snyder begins to change the DC landscape forever!

Between Snyder’s nonstop action and Jorge Jimenez’ mind-blowing art, you’ll leave this issue feeling like you just left a Summer Blockbuster!


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Snyder open’s the issue by telling us that Sinestro was an archaeologist that found the same symbols that J’onn saw last issue long ago before he was a Lantern. This background of Sinestro was a fascinating and creative way to dive even deeper into the Lantern mythos, which is so entrenched with DC lore.

This opening helps the reader “feel” like these new threats that are engulfing the DC landscape aren’t new at all. When in reality, they first appeared in JUSTICE LEAGUE: NO JUSTICE. What a genius idea.

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The Source of the Problem

Next, Snyder introduces the reader to the being controlling this new Ultraviolet emotional spectrum, which is an entire Living Galaxy powered by a Sentient Black Sun called “Umbrax”. (I know… heavy right?) Umbrax’s purpose is to move throughout galaxies finding destructive forces and draw them into his galaxy.

With the Source Wall breaking, it released the Totality into our galaxy. By the end of the issue, the Justice League finds out that the Totality IS the destructive force that Umbrax is drawn too. I hope the League is ready because Umbrax-ton Hicks contractions are on the way and who knows what the Totality will give birth to next!


Using the Google Machine, I typed in “Umbrax” and above is what popped up. Is this what you’re shooting for Snyder? Are we revisiting your Magic the Gathering days?

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Anyway, John Stewart crash lands back to Earth to take out the Justice League with his new Ultraviolet Powers, which focus off the emotions of shame and hate. He quickly lays waste to almost the entire Justice League until Cyborg boom tubes in to save the day.

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Justice League: Divide & Conquer

Meanwhile, Superman & J’onn are sent on their mission by the Justice League to check out what’s inside the Totality. After battling their way through into the epicenter, they find something that resembles the actual Souce Wall. J’onn psychically links to it only to discover that something much darker is looming behind the wall.

From this page on, Jorge Jimenez’ art is phenomenal. Just look at the top of the page above. Jimenez style resembles an actual animated movie at times and gives the reader hints of an anime-type feel. Better yet, the way Jimenez splits the panel with exploding lines of psychic energy is such a creative way to deviate from one panel to another. Snyder and Jimenez are genuinely making a fantastic team and finally getting this Justice League fan excited to read the series again.

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Back to the story, the Justice League continues to split up sending Aquaman, Wonder Woman, and Flash to Nowhere, which is located deep in the ancient waters of the ocean. They are in search of the Still Force, which appears to be the opposing Force to the Speed Force. However, the three League members find White Martians that breakout and attack them under the water!

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Meanwhile back inside Superman & J’onn, Lex Luthor shrunk down and entered Superman’s bloodstream along with Batman. Well, we find out that the Joker did the very same thing and had been hiding out in Hawkgirl’s ship this entire time.

Jimenez art on this page above is horrifyingly stunning! Just look at the detail surrounding the Joker. His saw looks rusty and drenched in blood. Heck, the scars on Jokers face look infected and bloody, not to mention how sinister he looks.

Jimenez makes Joker look freakishly scary in this picture as he stands behind a Hawkgirl whose helmet appears to be shining from the glow of her console. That’s nuts! The detail on this page with both characters is so jaw-dropping and impressive it could hang on your wall. Better yet, get Snyder & Jimenez to sign it first!

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To the Moon Alice!

Snyder ends the issue with a clever explanation that doesn’t go unnoticed by thorough readers. I wanted to know since the last issue how J’onn could blow up the moon with no Earthly repercussions. It turns out, Geoforce has been holding the gravitational pull of the Earth together, as well as the ocean tides, since the moon’s been destroyed. Thank you, Snyder, for the detail. I really do appreciate it.

While the rest of the Justice League are off on their missions, John Stewart and Cyborg are on the moon trying to repair what they can. However, we end the issue with Sinestro stopping by to explain that the Still Force is what unleashed Umbrax, not him, and it’s coming for Earth.

Should you pick up this issue?

Yes! This is the best the Justice League has been in years. YEARS! Be warned: the issue is dense with material and can be heavy to read at times. But, that’s not a bad thing. It means Snyder is being thorough, creative, and changing the landscape of the DC Comic Universe.

Should you add this series to your pull?

Absolutely! One good issue may be luck. Two issues could be lucky. Three issues in a row is a trend. Be a trendsetter and hop on board now. If that doesn’t do it for you, take another look at Jorge Jimenez splash page again with the Joker. Fantastic and gorgeous art are on display every issue. Pick this up now!

Well, what did you guys think of JUSTICE LEAGUE #3? Comment below or hit me up on Twitter @dispatchdcu

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justice-league-3-reviewJUSTICE LEAGUE #3 written by Scott Snyder, art by Jorge Jimenez, colors by Alejandro Sanchez, and letters by Tom Napolitano explodes on to your shelves this week as Snyder begins to change the DC landscape forever! Between Snyder’s nonstop action and Jorge Jimenez’ mind-blowing art,...