Interview: Geof Darrow Talks SHAOLIN COWBOY: CRUEL TO BE KIN And Having A Pet Alligator

The SHAOLIN COWBOY: CRUEL TO BE KIN hardcover hits comic shops August 9th, which makes this the perfect time to revisit our interview with the Cowboy’s creator, cartoonist Geof Darrow!

We spoke with Darrow back when the first issue of CRUEL TO BE KIN was coming out, and the conversation took us all over the map: from the Cowboy and Darrow’s overall creative process, to Akira Kurosawa films, and even stories regarding the cartoonist’s real-life pet alligator his family once kept.

About the book:
In order to keep a newborn Komodo dragon from joining the endangered species list, the Shaolin Cowboy must first make him an orphan and then adopt him into the ways of the “Intercepting fist” to keep their road trip from turning into roadkill. When social distancing isn’t enough, the Cowboy has plenty of booster shots and jabs to keep a new army of foes, both new and old, from turning the situation from ugly, to bad, and no good.


“If Sergio Leone, Tsui Hark, Stephen Chow, and Sam Raimi could somehow have a child together and then disavow it, this book would be it . . . maybe.” – Geof Darrow

Thanks again to Geof Darrow for talking with us.

SHAOLIN COWBOY: CRUEL TO BE KIN hits bookstores August 8th, and comic shops August 9th.

Anthony Composto - EIC
Anthony Composto - EIC
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