Dark Horse Exclusive: Losers Become Legends in SMALL TOWN SPIRITS

The team behind Hotel REM is reuniting for SMALL TOWN SPIRITS, an all-ages original graphic novel exploring the origin of Halloween (and hitting stores just in time for the holiday).

The Dark Horse graphic novel is by writer Zack Keller, artist Gabriele Bagnoli, colorist Valerio Alloro, and letterer Frank Cvetkovic.

There’s a town in Ireland where people still do Halloween the old-fashioned way: an
annual sporting competition to honor the Spirits. Every year, the prestigious O’Dell
family makes an absolute mockery of the lovable but laughable Flanagan family at The
Spirit Games, dashing their dreams of winning. But this year, teenage troublemaker Pad
Flanagan plans to change everything. He tricks the Spirit of an ancient Celtic hero into
training his family for the big event and accidentally opens a supernatural floodgate of
mischief, magic, and monsters that threatens to destroy his town.

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On SMALL TOWN SPIRITS, Keller said, “When I found out that Halloween came from Ireland — just like my family, the Fitzgeralds — I jumped at the opportunity to get reacquainted with my roots by writing this book full of charm, cheer and maximum spooky chaos.”

“Ireland is one of the places I love the most,” added Bagnoli. “With this script, Zack made me discover Irish traditions that I knew nothing about. I also got to draw lots of spirits, monsters and mythological creatures — great fun!”

Get your first look at the cover for SMALL TOWN SPIRITS right here:

dark horse comics exclusive small town spirits graphic novel announcement zack keller gabriele bagnoli

SMALL TOWN SPIRITS hits comic shops on October 30th, and bookstores a day earlier on October 29th. The 88-page graphic novel is currently available to preorder.

Are you picking up SMALL TOWN SPIRITS when it hits shops this Halloween? Sound off in the comments!

Anthony Composto - EIC
Anthony Composto - EIC
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