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We’re celebrating Image Comics‘ 25th anniversary all this week by breaking down the company’s all-time best 25 series. With so much diversity in its catalog, Image truly has comics for everyone. Check them out for yourself! And leave some of your own favorites in the comments.

This celebration was originally published as a five-part series, but has been consolidated here for your convenience. Thanks to writers Tony Wendel, Nick Enquist, Wes Messer, and Manny Gomez (who thought of and organized this project).


25. Savage Dragon

Image Comics’ longest running series (and one of the original seven), Savage Dragon, is also the work of one sole creator, Erik Larsen. For 25 years, Larsen has taken Dragon and readers on a roller-coaster ride of comic book storytelling. Experimenting with the passage of time, gigantic and sudden status quo changes, and deep mythology creating, Savage Dragon is the kind of story that can only be told in the medium of comics. Still going strong today, Savage Dragon is a treat for any sequential art fanatic.

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