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SPAWN: The Retroactive Redemption of Todd McFarlane

Spawn is a character that needs very little introduction. He's the character who puts Image Comics on the public radar thanks to the cultural...

Review: Look Beyond the Surface of FIRE POWER

Fire Power by Kirkman & Samnee has an unfortunate pre-release reputation as an Iron Fist rip-off, but Robert Kirkman makes a strong point that...

The Cost of Being a Hero in LUCY CLAIRE: REDEMPTION #4

Lucy Claire: Redemption #4 brings with it a dramatic reveal that feels right at home in this emotional and intense series.

Graphic Novel Review: BOG BODIES – No Loose Ends

Writer Declan Shalvey and artist Gavin Fullerton unite their talents to create "Bog Bodies," a crime story like nothing you've read before. They, along...

TARTARUS #2 Continues to be The Next Epic, Must Read Series

When your first issue is a damn masterpiece, it's hard to follow up with the same quality, yet Image Comics Tartarus #2 proves that...

Review: MIDDLEWEST #16 — Escape From Raider Farms

MIDDLEWEST #16, available in comic book stores on Wednesday, March 18th, is about to shake things up in the series. Beaten down and miserable,...

A Dramatic Transition in FAMILY TREE #5

Family Tree #5 is a dramatic issue, full of emotional tolls and sudden yet highly drastic changes.

An Insanely Entertaining Beginning In LUDOCRATS #1

Ludocrats #1 is the epitome of chaos-fueled entertainment, providing unique characters and a dynamic plot.

DECORUM #1 Begins A Tale of Assassins and Runners

Decorum #1 is a highly entertaining introduction to the most polite assassin you'll ever meet.

Turmoil and Disturbances Begin in MERCY #1

Mercy #1 is a chilling beginning to a brand new series, as Lady Hellaine makes her presence known, with dramatic results.

Review: FARMHAND #14 Reveals The History Of The Jedediah Seed

FARMHAND #14, available in comic book stores on Wednesday, March 4th, answers a question that's been on fans' minds: How was the Jedediah Seed...

ADVENTUREMAN: Fraction, Dodson Team For New Image Comics Series

Image Comics has unveiled the first look at their new series Adventureman, from the all-star team of writer Matt Fraction and artists Terry and...

Blood, Family Ties, and Guilt in FAMILY TREE #4

Family Tree #4 brings the desperate battle of one family to the forefront, pushing in a bit of action to this family drama and horror series.

Loss and Determination in LUCY CLAIRE: REDEMPTION #3

Lucy Claire: Redemption #3 is a thrilling read, one that is as full of action and violence as it is shocking developments.

The Past and the Present Collide in NOMEN OMEN #5

Nomen Omen #5 is a compelling read, as changes and revelations run wild – right alongside the magic of this hidden world.

A New Twist on Family Drama In FAMILY TREE #3

Family Tree #3 continues the family drama meets horror series, throwing readers into the deep end in the most unexpected of ways.

INTERVIEW: TARTARUS Creators Johnnie Christmas & Jack T. Cole

Tartarus #1 hits your local comic book store on February 12, but thanks to Image Comics, Monkeys Fighting Robots has an excellent interview with...

Graphic Novel Review: OVER MY DEAD BODY Is A Pulpy Good Time

If one were to mix classic pulp-fiction noir with modern headlines, the result would look like Over My Dead Body. The graphic novel from...


More past is revealed in Undiscovered Country #3, out this week from Image Comics. First Impressions Scott Snyder and Charles Soule have created a really and...

A New Wave of Violence and Danger in LUCY CLAIRE: REDEMPTION #2

Lucy Claire: Redemption #2 is a brutal and brilliant issue, full of trauma, determination, and ghastly werewolves.