Review: ‘Reborn’ #1 Beats Even The Highest Expectations

Reborn follows Bonnie Black, an 80-year-old woman who learns that there is a life after death. But it’s not the traditional Heaven or Hell situation most people are familiar with. Instead, Bonnie is reborn as a 25-year-old and thrust into a fantasy world that’s bigger than you can even dream of.

Reborn Image Comics

And that’s it; that’s all the plot information you’re going to get from this review, because that’s all the information the creators divulged in the months leading up to the series debut. That is incredibly bold, going almost full media blackout in 2016. Millar and Capullo have such confidence in their work that they’re asking fans to buy it without offering a single lettered preview page. That confidence is 100% deserved.

Mark Millar’s a captivating storyteller; it’s as simple as that. His work speaks for itself. The man has enough bestsellers under his belt that I shouldn’t have to explain why he’s brilliant. But I will anyway. The way he paces this first issue is out of this world. So much happens – all of it with real weight – that it’s hard to believe Reborn is only 23 pages. And Millar knows how to give his audience just enough to keep the mystery alive and leave them wanting needing more.

But while Millar’s name carries a lot of clout on its own, Greg Capullo is the main reason to pick up Reborn. Fresh off his legendary run on Batman, Capullo is proving that he can draw just about anything. He’s gone from the dark and hyperrealistic landscape of Gotham City to a world of hope and fantasy without missing a beat. Inker Jonathan Glapion and colorist FCO Plascencia have also come along for the ride, and when these three dudes work together, magic happens.

The bottom line is that the premiere issue of Reborn is great; it’s sure to be on many “Best of the Year” lists come December. This is a story that literally grabs hold of you on page one and doesn’t let go (which sounds cliched, but it’s true). It has heart, action, intrigue, and everything else you could possibly want from a sci-fi/fantasy book. Reborn is already being rushed back to print, so be sure to run to your LCS to get a copy before they sell out!

W: Mark Millar
A: Greg Capullo
Jonathan Glapion
FCO Plascencia

Reborn Image Comics

Anthony Composto - EIC
Anthony Composto - EIC
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