Ice Cube On Academy Voters, Show Business, And his new film ‘Fist Fight’


With Tampa being the center of the College Football World this week, actor/rapper Ice Cube took the opportunity to come into town and promote his new comedy, Fist Fight. 

One of my favorite comments was when he touched on Academy voters, and whether or not they are going to be more open minded this year.

“You never know with these things. I know the Academy is trying to, diversify is the word and we will see. Whether a film gets awards or not doesn’t take away from the fact that they are great films by great directors and actors and people enjoy them. You know awards .. after that night.. you put it on the shelf and everyone forgets about it. But it’s really about the people.. if you give me an award in your heart.. then I earned it” 

We also discussed his feelings on helping out others who are new in the “business”.

Ya .. You know I think talent needs a boost and always needs somebody that’s already in position to recognize that talent to bring them along. I think anybody who is in the entertainment business should be looking for young talent to bring along in some way. 

What are your favorite Ice Cube films? Are you going to be checking out this release? If you had a chance to interview Ice Cube, what would have you asked? Leave a comment below.

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