Giant Days is wrapping up, yet our creative team is doing everything possible to help us say goodbye to these beloved characters.

How the Series is Wrapping Up in GIANT DAYS #54

GIANT DAYS #54 is out this Wednesday from Boom! Box is the second to last issue in the beloved series, and the nostalgia is real with this one.

This cover captures everything about the impending graduation.


It’s hard to believe that Giant Days #54 is the second to last issue in the series. But it is the sad truth. The series is not intended to run past the 55th issue – but at least fans are getting a chance to say goodbye, as all of the storylines are properly wrapped up.

Daisy and Esther’s graduation day is upon us, with Suzie stuck in school for a couple more years (thanks to her choice in degrees). That means the series must finish. The series wouldn’t be the same if our chaotic girls’ tales continued through their adulthood – though it would surely be entertaining.

One of the last of these will be seeing for the series…

John Allison wrote the second to the final issue in this delightful escape from reality. And he has done his best to give fans a genuine chance to say goodbye. While our leading ladies were the focus, some of the secondary characters we know and love made their appearances as well. Everyone from parents (and grandparents) to Ed and McGraw, it’s bittersweet but certainly better than not seeing everyone one last time.

Of course, this series wouldn’t be the same without a few extra moments of drama and interpersonal issues are thrown into the mix – nothing else goes perfectly for these girls. But they always make it work. Their quirks shined through in this issue, for this exact reason.

The conclusion of this issue was an interesting choice – there’s a slight jump in the future, which is unexpected. Many fans thought the series would be over upon the graduation. But it would seem that there’s one last story for us to see.

Esther is acting (and packing) just as expected.

The artwork in Giant Days #54 felt exactly as it should have. The iconic style stayed the same, while also showing us some minor character changes – all hints towards the future these three (and others) face.

There were a lot of characters to portray in this issue, and not much time to fit them all in. But they somehow managed to make it work. Even if not everybody had a whole lot of screen time, so to speak. That’s where the artwork had to work hard – showing us what couldn’t be spoken. In this element, in particular, the artwork stood out.

Max Sarin provided the lines for all of the artwork mentioned above, with Whitney Cogar providing the iconic color palette we all know and love. Jim Campbell provided the lettering for this issue, which was also extremely iconic to the series.

We’ve got to give Daisy the win on that debate.

It’s sad to think that the series has only one issue left now. It leaves us wondering, what will the next series be? Will there ever be anything that feels quite like Giant Days?

The series will be concluded in Giant Days: As Time Goes By #1. So make sure not to miss it!

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Giant Days is wrapping up, yet our creative team is doing everything possible to help us say goodbye to these beloved characters. How the Series is Wrapping Up in GIANT DAYS #54