Once & Future #9 is an issue that is full of action, foreshadowing, and vibrant artwork. All of these elements come together to create a compelling reading experience.

How The Fight Continues in ONCE & FUTURE #9

ONCE & FUTURE #9, available this Wednesday from Boom! Studios is a chilling tale that blends the past and the present through creative storytelling techniques. Duncan’s journey is far from over, with new threats rising up.


spoilers ahead

Duncan has been thrown into a world of lore and legends. A world where monsters really exist, and where the heroes of legend are sometimes not what they seem. Perhaps that makes his new status as a hero a bit ironic.

In Once & Future #9, Duncan finds his quest far from over. There’s a new monster on the loose, while others are still actively working against him and his family. It would be a challenge for anyone, but especially somebody so new to the ‘family business.’

Once & Future #9 is starting right in the middle of the action.

The Writing

Duncan has survived the trials of King Arthur (whose legend is far kinder than reality, at least in this world), yet that appears to have only been the beginning. Now he’s facing off another man of legend, one who seems even fiercer than the stories.

Kieron Gillen is the mind behind Once & Future #9, and it is creative storytelling at it’s finest. Here you’ll find legend pulled into reality, with a horror twist thrown into the mix. The end result is something oddly compelling.

The latest issue in the series is one-part action, one-part setting up. It’s terrifying to think that there’s something larger looming on the horizon, and yet that’s the inevitable conclusion readers are left to come to.

There’s yet another layer to this issue as well, as Duncan is still struggling to cope with everything that has occurred. The lies of the family are finally catching up, and it is taking its toll on both him and his grandmother.

RIP Duncan’s car.

The Art

The artwork of Once & Future #9 is as vibrant and beautiful as the rest of the series so far. The artwork takes an interesting story and turns it into an outstanding tale, one that sticks with the readers. It’s remarkable.

Dan Mora is the lead artist, and therefore the one responsible for the main characters – and the villains. It’s an interesting balance, seeing the normal and the abnormal all in one scene. Yet it works so well here.

Tamra Bonvillain is the colorist, a fact that is pretty clear to anybody that even glances at the pages. The colors as vivacious, bringing the world and monsters to life. Everything from the backdrops to the magic seems to glow, giving the series a supernatural feel (which is appropriate).

Ed Dukeshire is the letterer, and he has consistently done a fantastic job for this series. It’s the icing on the cake, so to speak. These pages are full of things to catch the eye, so having a talented letterer is key to guiding the reader through the pages.

No car deserves that fate, does it?


Once & Future #9 was a thrilling read from start to finish. Duncan’s story is steadily getting darker, while the monsters of legend are merely beginning their rampage. It’s been fascinating to see such legends warped, providing a new take on the tireless march of retellings.

Cat Wyatt
Cat Wyatt
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How The Fight Continues in ONCE & FUTURE #9Once & Future #9 is an issue that is full of action, foreshadowing, and vibrant artwork. All of these elements come together to create a compelling reading experience.