LUMBERJANES #67 – A Strong Reminder Why We Love This Series


Lumberjanes #67 brings with it a fun-filled plot, bright colors, and oh yeah, let's not forget a battle between two goddesses.
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LUMBERJANES #67, out this Wednesday from Boom! Box brings with it several journeys. Not least of which is the battle between two goddesses for the cutest cat in the realm. This delightful tale is a strong reminder for why we love this series so much.

LUMBERJANES #67 - A Strong Reminder Why We Love This Series 1
Looks like somebody may have spotted an alien!


If you tuned in during the last issue of Lumberjanes, then you’re already aware that our campers have split up into two groups for fun adventures. Or chaos. Really, whatever will entertain them. One group had a blast frolicking with the goddess Freya…well up until she went on a catnapping mission. The other group has been on the hunt for proof of extraterrestrial life. So just another day at camp, right?

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Once again, we find ourselves in a tale with plenty of twists and turns. Lumberjanes #67 brings with it a battle, an emotional confession, and plenty of confusion. But that is why we love the Lumberjanes so much.

LUMBERJANES #67 - A Strong Reminder Why We Love This Series 2
Our Lumberjanes are enjoying a nice and oddly relaxing day on this alternate cover.

Shannon Watters and Kat Leyh are the minds behind this chaotic issue, and they clearly had a little bit of fun here. After all, it isn’t every day you get to see a bunch of campers tracking a goddess, or try to track down an alien or two (okay, maybe that last part happens more often than we’d like to admit).

The two plots at times have felt entirely unrelated, and at other points, it seemed like they were all tracking the same person (hint: Freya). But this issue makes us wonder if that was all a misunderstanding, and that there is indeed, even more, going on than meets the eye. It wouldn’t surprise us, given how chaotic this camp can get at times. After all, who’s to say that they can’t have both a goddess and an alien hanging out at the same time? Or perhaps even a second god or goddess? Only time will tell.

Lumberjanes #67 was a fun read, giving Diana a chance to really shine, thanks to her hunting and tracking abilities. And that’s something she’s never really been able to show the other campers before. On the flip side, this issue does have one of those classic Lumberjanes moments. You know, when one of the campers feel safe enough to reveal something deeply personal? You have to love those endearing moments. If only all childhood friendships were like these.

LUMBERJANES #67 - A Strong Reminder Why We Love This Series 3
A difference of opinion?

The artwork behind Lumberjanes #67 was exceptional, and a little bit quirky. In short, it was perfect for the Lumberjanes and their quests. Kanesha C. Bryant was the lead artist behind this issue, and her portrayal of our beloved characters was spot on. She showed their varying emotions in such an endearing manner; it’ll make you want to reach out and hug them.

Meanwhile, Maarta Laiho did the coloring. And she made their world seem so vibrant and full of life. Which is precisely how it should be, given who we’re talking about here. The backgrounds and sunsets (or is it sunrise) were an especially nice touch.

Finally, Aubrey Aiese was the letterer for this issue, and she did a brilliant job of showing off the varied emotions from our characters. You could tell when they were whispering (or trying to), shouting, or just emoting in general.

LUMBERJANES #67 - A Strong Reminder Why We Love This Series 4
And once again, Ripley is all sorts of into this plan.

Lumberjanes #67 was a fun-filled issue, with some tension and sentiment sprinkled throughout the panels. And let’s not forget an exuberant beginning to a goddess battle. And really, what more could you possibly ask for?

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