Wicked Things #2 is perfect for fans of Giant Days, Scary Go Round, Bad Machinery, the works. It's vibrant and fun, and just a little bit quirky. Add in creative artwork, and this is everything fans could have hoped for.

How A Deal Is Struck In WICKED THINGS #2

WICKED THINGS #2, available this Wednesday from Boom! Box brings us back to a favorite character, set in a world many fans love. We are, of course, talking about Lottie Grote and Giant Days. She has now grown up and begun a new series once again.

Lottie is determined to solve this case on the cover of Wicked Things #2


Lottie Grote may not be a character who made many appearances in Giant Days, but she quickly became a fan favorite. Which explains her multiple appearances throughout other series, including Bad Machinery and now Wicked Things.

Once upon a time, little Lottie was a teenage detective, a brilliant one at that. Now her friends have found other priorities in life, and Lottie herself is quickly aging out of the whole ‘teenage’ part of her reputation.

To make matter worse, Lottie has been framed for murder. That may seem like quite the jump to some people, but those people don’t solve mysteries for fun. Lottie can figure this out, she just needs some time to figure out how it all goes together.

Lottie’s looking fierce on this alternate cover of Wicked Things #2.

The Writing

Wicked Things #2 was written by John Allison, the man behind this and many other series that fans have come to love and cherish. Lottie’s journey may not be what she expected, yet it’s already proving to be highly entertaining.

Especially for those that desperately wanted to see this world, and it’s characters, once again. This issue brings with it another hefty dose of Lottie, alongside her BFF (Claire), and even a brief cameo from her sister (Sarah).

To be honest, Sarah’s cameo is without a doubt the funniest moment in the issue, all while showing how complicated sisterly relationships can be. The rest of the issue focuses on exactly how bad of a situation Lottie has found herself in.

The whole thing is cleverly written, with sardonic and intriguing characters alongside an amusing plot. It’s everything fans could have hoped for from this miniseries. The only downside is the relatively short length of the series.

Things aren’t looking good for Lottie…

The Art

The cute and quirky style of Giant Days meets the world of detectives in Wicked Things #2. Much of the issue is set around a crime scene, and what isn’t occurs within a prison. Needless to say, it sets the tone quite nicely.

Max Sarin is the lead artist for this series, providing that iconic style we’ve all come to know and love. Lottie and everyone else may have grown up, but they’re still recognizable for who they are. Though in some cases, their style has improved for the better (love the new look, Sarah).

Whitney Cogar is the one behind the colors, which are divine. They’re bold and bright, making great use of pops of color as well as white space. The combination makes for eye-catching pages. All of that contrasts with the plot, but in a way that works.

Finally, Jim Campbell is behind the lettering, something that’s clear to many fans right from the start. The bold lettering is the final touch that this series needed, flawlessly adding tone and order.

Someday karma is going to catch up with this little liar.


Wicked Things #2 was another diverting excursion into a world we’re all familiar with – but with a twist. Lottie’s tale has been a trial (pun intended), but there’s no doubt that it is likewise entertaining for the fans.

Now that Lottie has made a deal, it’ll be interesting to see what ends up happening next. This is probably not the path she saw for herself when she pictured working alongside the police, huh?

Cat Wyatt
Cat Wyatt
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How A Deal Is Struck In WICKED THINGS #2Wicked Things #2 is perfect for fans of Giant Days, Scary Go Round, Bad Machinery, the works. It's vibrant and fun, and just a little bit quirky. Add in creative artwork, and this is everything fans could have hoped for.